The Last Word

Congratulations to the Colts and their fans !!! Your first major league world championship in any sport is now a reality. You deserved to win the Super Bowl on Sunday and have persevered many years to get to this point. The Colts are NFL Super Bowl Champions … now carry the trophy with dignity and […]

Jim Thorpe: An American Legend

On September 7,1963, the National Football League enshrined its first Hall of Fame class. Among the seventeen original inductees, Jim Thorpe stands as both a paragon of competition and an example to learn from. Born in 1887 to parents of Native-American descent Thorpe grew up in the territory that would eventually become known as Oklahoma. […]

A domino effect of sorts

Last night the Virginia Cavaliers defeated the Duke Blue Devils in overtime by the score of 68-66. By all accounts it sounds like another in a long line of great regular-season ACC battles. (I wish I could say I watched the game live, but we had to travel through three counties to watch the daughter […]

Super predictions

Faithful readers … now’s the time to flaunt your skills as a sports prognosticator. Super Sunday is 5-6 days away. The big game is almost here. Peyton has a chance to propel himself within talking distance of the Top 4 QBs of all-time with a win. Bears have yet another chance of leveraging that big […]


The following is a fictitious account. The author in no way is suggesting that any of the following events actually occurred. Our scene takes us to the Dodger Stadium parking lot. The sun shines brightly on this January morning. The cars of the full-time office employees dot the parking lot. A Ford F-150, looking like […]

Relegation Anyone?????

By Paul Gotham Imagine a realignment of Major League Baseball. Instead of the American League and the National League competing for the opportunity to win the World Series, professional baseball would have one distinct major league – let’s call it the premier league for the purpose of this article. This league would consist of sixteen […]

New Year’s Suggestions Part II

Where there is a part I, there has to be a part II. Right? Figured I’d get this in before the discussion of the conference chan’ships. The response to part I was…tepid at best. Maybe my eliminating the dunk suggestion was too off the wall. Guess I will need to explain that idea in its […]

As To Be Expected!

The better half: “The Giants are in the playoffs?!?!?!” Those six words said it all. It was Sunday morning. We had just finished grocery shopping and were sitting down to a quiet cup of caffeine when she brought me back to reality. Last she knew I expressed my confusion about whether to cheer on the […]

After Further Review…

How things have changed. I find myself in the position of defending the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish. I almost feel unworthy of such a venture. I did not attend ND. As a matter fact at one time I tossed barbs in the direction of Notre Dame. I remember taunting my dad when Texas jumped out […]