Brighton’s Ernie Clement makes jokes, hard contact, slick plays for Akron

Brighton’s Ernie Clement makes jokes, hard contact, slick plays for Akron

The Brighton High School and University of Virginia alumnus was selected in the fourth round of the 2017 MLB Draft by the Cleveland Indians. He’s worked his way up the system to Akron, where he’s teammates with fellow Section V alumnus Scott. Clement has embraced who he is on and off the field en route to a strong first half for the Rubberducks. He’s in the midst of a 10-game hitting streak with a .293 average that ranks fifth in the Eastern League…

Jim Thome speaks on baseball, LeBron, Cooperstown and dreams

Jim Thome speaks on baseball, LeBron, Cooperstown and dreams

By BILLY HEYEN ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Soon-to-be inducted Baseball Hall of Famer Jim Thome is in Rochester to receive the Coca-Cola Sports Personality of the Year Award at the 69th annual Day of Champions Children’s Charity dinner. He spoke to the media at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center in a press conference on Monday afternoon. […]

Searching for Bob Feller

Feller returned the major leagues and in 1946 he finished 26-15 with 348 strikeouts. More impressive – Feller had 36 complete games during the 1946 season. Considering that current Major League players might have 36 complete games for a career – makes the number that much more impressive. In 1948 Feller help lead the Cleveland Indians to their last World Series – sorry Pat. In 1956, Feller retired from baseball with 266 wins, 2,581 strikeouts and a lifetime ERA of 3.25.

Dear Life: I Give Up. Sincerely, Apathetic Sports Fan

Had I sat home and watched from my cushy couch, I wouldn’t have seen that final game at Silver Stadium in Rochester, NY, former home of the AAA Red Wings, as proud homegrown fans cried and cheered all in the same breath. I wouldn’t have realized that big isn’t always better, and that sometimes if you don’t experience it for yourself, it’s gone before you actually had time to enjoy it.

Duct Tape Can Fix It: Indians Learn From iPhone Debacle

Apparently, if you stick a small piece of duct tape to the lower left side of the phone, it will fix the problem of inadvertently disrupting the signal on the new antenna. That’s why it surprised me that Steve Jobs wanted to fix the problem for whatever cost it took. That’s like keeping a promising pitcher who’ll just ask for more money when his contract is up. So for you Cleveland Indian fans, here is what I propose to fix our attendance issues: “Tribe Tape.”

Performance Of The Week – 8/4-8/30

ZacKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Grienke grabs my POTW. The 25-year-old right-hander struck out a team record, 15 batters as the Kansas City Royals defeated the Cleveland Indians (sorry Rey), 6-2.