Frank Thomas = Hall of Famer

I wrote this as a comment to earlier posting, but didn’t want it hiding in there due to the likely discussion it merits: Note to Aaron and all Frank Thomas HoF doubters: Although he’s a full-time DH now and has been for several years, he was a full-time 1B pretty much for the 1st half […]

Biggio, The Big Hurt, and the Draft

Congrats to the last of the ‘Killer B’s (Craig Biggio), Frank Thomas, and Greg Oden. Some notions to ponder: Biggio – 3,000 hits, 4 Gold Gloves(second base), 5 Silver Sluggers (2b and catcher), led the NL in stolen bases one season, way too many HBPs, and played three different defensive positions. WHEN he doesn’t make […]

Ichee-ro !

Constantly bombarded with coverage of Seattle sports up here in Alaska, one can’t help but follow the Mariners every summer. We get all their games on TV and radio. The Mariners have a nice organization, stadium and fan base. They have a “good brand” here in the northwest, although the results on the field the […]

Where do the Spurs rank?

Let’s assume the Spurs close out the Cadavers before the weekend is over to claim their 4th NBA title in 8 years. Dynasty? Absolutely. One of the all-time teams? You betcha. Now let’s get specific. Assuming they win one more game in the next week or so, where does this Spurs team rank among the […]

Wisdom From Woody Harrelson and Other Questions

If Pac-Man Jones receives a full-season suspension (as he should) without a formal arrest, then why does Tank Johnson, who has been arrested, only receive an eight-game suspension? Why are people complaining about Lou Piniella being fiery? Isn’t that what is expected? Why do people want Joe Torre to suddenly abandon his laidback managing style […]

Where Does This Fit?

How does one score his team’s last twenty-five points?[youtube=] Better yet how does one score his team’s last twenty-five points running the same pick-and-roll play for almost every possession? Wait, how does one score his team’s last twenty-five points running the same pick-and-roll play for almost every possession, and everyone in the gym knows that […]

Memorial Day Picnic

Break out the back yard grills it’s Memorial Day – the unofficial beginning of Summer. Ah yes, I can smell the ‘dogs and ‘burgahs sizzlin’ on da grills. Someone gimme a brewskie; I’m headin’ for the hammock. Little history note: Memorial Day, as we know it, originates in Waterloo, New York – jes’ a li’l […]

Jr. Rhinos Travel To Columbia

The U17 Rochester Junior Rhinos have put together an impressive resume: winning the Northern Ohio Cup, finishing second in the Rush Cup held in Virginia Beach, and a competitive showing in the Empire Cup. The organizers of the Columbia Invitational took one look at these accomplishments and decided to place Rene Tadal’s squad in their […]

NBA = Not Boston Again

Saw Danny Ainge being interviewed after the shockingly bad news from the draft lottery that the Celtics will not be getting one of the top lottery picks afterall, presumably either Oden or Durant. You could see the thoughts going through his head like “Gee, still can’t get lucky … now I’ll actually have to be […]

Who Is The Athlete That You Go Out-Of-Your Way To Watch?

Brett Fah-ve-rah comes to mind for me. I don’t remember ever being a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Of the 70’s Packers only Chester Marcoal sticks in my craw. I had heard and read stories of the great Vince Lombardi. I loved seeing video clips of the famed ‘Frozen Tundra’ game. They play in […]