NBA Thumbnail Tales | Opening Round ’10

Oh, the intrigue. Dallas looked ready for a title run after acquiring Caron Butler. Dallas has lost just seven games since getting Butler on February 16th. Does anyone want to play the Spurs in the playoffs? How much playoff experience do the Spurs have? Tony Parker is back in the lineup.

NBA Splinters | August 19th, 1979

Since leading Blazermania over the Philadelphia 76ers in the ’77 series, Walton has been more a lightning rod of controversy than MVP center. Portland seemed poised for back-to-back titles when Walton went down with an injury. Portland streaked to a 50-10 record to open the ’77-’78 season. Then, Walton’s problems began. Ultimately, Walton broke his foot in the conference semi-finals and Dr. Jack Ramsay’s squad lost to the Seattle Super Sonics.

NBA Splinters | July 26, 2009

by Rey >Much Ado About Dunking I was at a conference all last week. I briefly caught ESPN one day in my hotel room and noticed that a video of the infamous LeBron-James-getting-dunked-on-at-his-own-camp surfaced. In case this hasn’t been stuffed down your throat yet, here it is: As we all expected, right? This was no […]