Football the Way It Used to Be

 By Wally As two legendary baseball venues are converted to football fields for this weekend’s college games, we harken back to yesteryear … before the advent of the early ’70s cookie-cutter astro-turf fields and today’s brand new state of the art mega-stadiums.  As the signature red marquee sign outside of Wrigley Field is painted purple in […]

Casual Friday

They way things are going, it won’t be long before Cam Newton is named as a co-conspirator in the JFK assassination. Chances are that he wasn’t stationed in the book depository though, given his reputation for not doing his own studying …

Casual Friday | 11/5/10

As we head into the weekend, it’s time to look at what Saturday’s CFB menu offers. But first, a pretty good game was played last night at Virgina Tech where the Hokies came from behind against Georgia Tech. GT tied it up with about 2:30 to go, but left too much time as the Hokies won it with a last minute TD by a score of 28-21.

College Sports and Balanced Excellence

What schools in the NCAA have displayed balanced excellence over the past 5 years? Well, it’s actually pretty rare for Div 1 schools be be good in both “Glamor sports” (football and hoops) at the same time. In fact, it’s extremely rare over the recent past. The actual question was “Which schools have finished in the AP Top 25 in both sports at least 3 times over the past 5 years?”

We’re #1 !!!

Well, at least Notre Dame is getting the “college” part of college athletics right. (See article below.) Given Irish athletes’ tendency to do very well in the classroom, the cynical part of me …

Navy Torpedos Notre Lame

Just when you think Notre Dame football couldn’t sink any lower, along comes Navy to put another hole in your submarine. No … they actually blasted it into shreds. This is a new all-time low.

Casual Friday

Mark May’s IQ — It appears his ESPN combatant’s brainpower is so low that they’re thinking of just killing him and donating his brain to Bob Davie or Lovie Smith. Result: Everyone’s better off with these improvements.

Irish Limp to Win vs Pitt-iful Panthers

Saturday started out pretty nicely with Illinois clobbering a lousy Penn State team in the House that JoPa Built. Then it got EVEN BETTER when the midday games got going. First, Michigan State pounded the UM Skunkbears in the Big House. Good-bye Michigan, good- bye Denard Robinson and hopefully your Heismann chances.