Casual Friday 1/21

As a Bears fan, it’s still hard to believe that they’re actually playing in this game, let alone hosting it at Soldier Field. (See … one of my Christmas wishes came true!).

Casual Friday 1/7

Getting ready to head into a WONDERFUL weekend of BIG games … college and NFL games that REALLY matter. Okay, I’m including Monday night’s national title game, too … so an “extended weekend” if you will. So here’s a few somewhat random thoughts on what we’re about to see.

Casual Christmas Eve

Just finished my list for Santa … getting ready to text it to him. Here are the sports related things I want for Christmas … deliverable either Christmas morning or as appropriate in the New Year:

Casual Friday (Peerless Prognosticators Pool)

But because the vast majority of these games are essentially meaningless, we’re going to give them “meaning”. Gosh darn it, they’re gonna count! How’s that, you say? It’s easy. All you have to do is participate in the PPP … that’s the PEERLESS PROGNOSTICATORS POOL !!!

Casual Friday 12/10/10

As far as college football is concerned, this will be a pretty casual weekend indeed. In Div 1A, only the annual and very bitter Army-Navy rivalry is there to stir our imaginations.

Casual Friday 12/3/10

So we’re on the cusp of cementing the teams that will be included in the CFB Div 1 playoffs … that is, the ONE game playoff with a few other glorified exhibition games preceding it in a rather annoying and unsatisfying two week period. This of course is also known as the crappy BCS system.

FINALLY !! Irish Stun USC

Several weeks ago, I stated that I would cease featuring a ND football article until the program turned it around and gave us something positive to ponder and write about. That day has arrived.

Not So Casual Friday

Wow … we can’t just ease into the weekend after gobbling up all the turkey and stuffing. Nope, on Friday college football fans are gonna be clobbered with some high stakes games … playoff games, if you will … in this current system we have. Hold on, here we go.

Casual Friday | 11/19/10

As we approach “Throwback Saturday” with games being played at Yankee Stadium (Army vs Notre Dame) and Wrigley Field (Illinois vs Northwestern), what better way to open it up than see Lou Holtz roaming ND’s sideline. Man, I love that guy. Looks like the ND administration shoulda loved him a little longer, too. Okay, moving on to look at the “big” games this weekend ..