CFB’s Musical Chairs

One might be thinking that the Syracuse players are trying to tackle the Pitt runner … before he gets to one of the last remaining seats in college football’s version of musical chairs…

Wally’s Wednesday: Fightin’ Irish Pigskin Preview

by Wally As college football’s opening day fast approaches, it’s unquestionably time to put a marker out there and set expectations for the apple of my college sports eye, Notre Dame.    So here we go … first with 5 key questions for the season and then a game-by-game prediction.     The 5 key questions: 1) This defense […]

Who Am I?

by Wally Pinch hitting for the WAI again on short notice.   Here we go …   I grew up in the land of Paul Bunyan and later became known as one of the best and most versatile players of my era.    I played in two World Series, but my team won only one of them.   But […]

Texas A&M to the SEC

by Wally Wow.   Lots of announcements down here in Texas lately.    Should we talk about Governor Rick Perry’s candidacy for President?    Or Texas A&M’s almost official move to the SEC for 2012?    Yes, I agree, the A&M move is far more interesting and likely to help the economy, so let’s focus on that  🙂 So […]

College Football just around the corner

by Wally Are you ready for some football??   Not just yet??   That’s okay … we’re still about 4 weeks away.   As you can see, the guys are just getting warmed up.    Anyway, the first poll that counts … the coaches USA Today poll … has been released.  (see below).   Given the pre-ordained system that unfortunately governs Div […]

Who Am I ??

Seeing that no Who Am I was officially posted, Wally has raced from the bench to pinch hit for Chas.   This is what you get on short notice: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Talk about a “flash in the pan” … my photo is probably next to that phrase in the dictionary.    At the age of 24, I won […]

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