Prayers Answered as Irish Finally Win!

Hallelujah!!!! Seems like it’s been several months since Notre Dame’s last win, but the Irish got it done last night in Chestnut Hill, MA with a 31-13 win. Seems the Irish have been turning the tables lately against a Boston College team that has seemingly tormented them almost as much as Michigan State. And it’s quite a relief to know that ND is not the worst Catholic school playing major college football …. BC is clearly a candidate for that dubious distinction.

Cardinal Crush! Seriously?

Cardinal Crush!  Seriously?

But here are the cold, hard facts. Notre Dame got their butts kicked, at home, by Stanford … a school who’s admission standards for athletes have typically been higher than ND’s. Sure, we’ve lost to Stanford before, even Lou did, but never were we physically dominated by this brainy school near the bay whose fans prefer wine and cheese over beer and brats. Again, we got our BUTTS KICKED by Stanford, at home! Their mascot is a tree, for crissakes!

Notre Dumb

I’m sick and tired of seeing Notre Dame play just bad enough to lose. Whether it’s the “Bush Push” game back about 5 years ago when ND was an underdog to USC, or yesterday’s overtime loss to Michigan State, the Irish are obviously snakebit in close games.

Robinson Beats the Irish

Can we have a Mulligan, so that Crist actually plays the whole game? Clearly, Crist’s mysterious vision problem likely cost the Irish this game. After ND scored on an impressive opening drive and then thwarted UM’s first series with a 3 and out with about 7 minutes gone in the first quarter, Dayne Crist was standing on the sidelines from that point on until the start of the second half.

And the Super Bowl champ will be …

Now that TLarner has completed his terrific research and analysis on the upcoming division races in the NFL, I thought it would be appropriate to solicit opinions on which teams will do well and emerge from the playoffs.

Good Start For The Irish

Notre Dame took a positive first step forward to begin the Brian Kelly Era by beating Purdue 23-12 Saturday. In terms of the winning margin, an 11 point win was certainly in the ballpark for what most people seemed to be expecting, but the game was lower scoring overall than we likely anticipated.

Notre Dame Football: Pre-Kick Predictions

We’re less than 2 weeks away from the 2010 college football season kick-off, and the Irish start the season by taking on Purdue Sept 4 at Notre Dame Stadium. So of course ND fans everywhere are engaging each other in the annual August ritual of voicing either expectations or “hopes” for the upcoming season. And as usual, has run their annual “probability poll” in which thousands of Irish followers take 10 minutes to assess ND’s chances of winning each game on the schedule as a % likelihood of winning.

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