Wally’s Wednesday — Game 7 is on!!!

By Wally

It’s roughly  four hours until the face off of tonight’s game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks.   For what it’s worth, in all my years of watching sports, it’s quite hard to surpass an NHL Stanley Cup Game 7 in terms of drama and excitement … so I’m stoked about watching the game!

It’s hard to imagine that anyone has more pressure on them than Canuck goalie Roberto Luongo.   (The “LeBron James of the Cup Finals”).   Everyone is wondering which Roberto will show up.   Will it be “Good Roberto at home”  where he has posted a 3-0 record with 2 goals allowed  and save % of   .979 ??   Or will it be “Bad Roberto in Boston” where he has an 0-3 record, 15 goals allowed and a .772 save %??   On one hand, he’s back home tonight at his friendly confines.  On the other hand, his most recent game experience had him giving up three goals in 90 seconds.   I suppose we’ll see more of the good Roberto tonight … goalies are like relief pitchers … they must have very short memories or otherwise go completely nuts.

On the flip side, the Bruins have got to be wondering if they can put the biscuit in the basket at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena.    I think they’re gonna need at least 3 goals tonight to pull out a win … and I’m not real confident they can notch those.     The Bruins will need to stay out of the penalty box if they hope to hoist the Cup tonight.

I see a pretty close-to-the-vest, low scoring Game 7 tonight.   Although I’m rooting heavily for the Bruins to win it (I’m a sucker for the Bobby Orr-Phil Esposito-Derek Sanderson nostalgia from the early ’70s … my second favorite team growing up) … I just have a feeling that the ‘Nucks will somehow pull out a 3-2 win in OT.   I’m really hoping for a great game and the Bruins to win, but I just see Good Roberto showing up and an opportunistic Canuck offense barely squeeking by … AGAIN, at home.

Regardless of the outcome, I’m sure Luongo won’t remind us how great his non-sporting life is compared to us small people, like LeBron did  😉

Pinesters … what do you see happening??   Will you be watching??

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