Holy Puck!

Notre Dame is sitting on top of the College Hockey Poll!   Here’s the latest top 5 and one other notable entry: 1) Notre Dame, 2) Boston College, 3) Minnesota, 4) Miami OH, 5) Colorado College …. 15) Alaska Anchorage. This was front page news in the Anchorage Daily News for two reasons:  UAA isn’t often […]

When 50% or thereabouts will get the job done

Fifteen years in the classroom can make a guy crazy. All those numbers -1200 on the SATs, 4.0 GPA, yeah, yeah, yeah. 65% is passing. 70% is rather mediocre, but it is a C. 80% earns a B. 90%? Well that is an A. Somewhere we decided that 85% represents mastery. That point when a […]

Pickin’ Splinters National Championship ’08

It is that time of year again to bring down the decorations and get ready to ‘trimma the tree’. It’s also the time of year when college football rankings cause quite a stir. Are you perplexed by the state of Division 1A College Football? Frustrated by the choices for the national title game? Here’s your […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 11/24-11/30

I suppose there came a point Wednesday night when Notre Dame shooting guard, Kyle McAlarney, looked over at his teammate, Luke Haragody, and said to himself: “Something is not right with Gody.”  Little did the senior know at the time, but his teammate was slowed by pneumonia.  Instead of whining and looking to his teammate […]

NCAA Hoops – Early Returns

Once was a time when November college hoops consisted of nothing more than glorified scrimmages with fans in the bleachers. Top 25 teams looking to catch their stride would schedule games against bottom of the barrel squads in contests that would amount to nothing more than a match up resembling the one-sided affairs of the […]

Cooking with Chas: What to Do When the Hot Stove Cools Off

Just a month removed from the Philadelphia Phillies’ World Series celebration, the pilot light on the hot stove appears to have flickered out. All of the post-season awards have been announced, the Jake Peavy trade rumors have died down, and none of the major free agents seem to be in a hurry to find new […]

Tuesdays with Smitty: The Thanksgiving Edition

Well it is that time of year again. The leaves are gone…or on the ground, snow has made a brief appearance and is close to staying for a couple of months. Football is in full swing as we bear down down on the NFL playoffs and a spot in the BCS.  This week brings us […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 11/17-11/23

Get accustomed to this guy getting my POTW a while. Stephen Curry’s second half against Oklahoma was nothing to sneeze at. In the season’s first match up of ranked opponents Curry dropped 27 and handed out two assists…in the second half. The junior finished with 44 and three dishes. All that in 33 minutes of […]

ND Is Toast … Wildcats Boast

To say that Notre Dame fans across the country are disgusted, embarrassed, disappointed, angry, ticked off, agitated and/or sickened would cover approximately 80% of the emotional spectrum.   For the other 20%, insert some expletives in front of those adjectives and we’ll have everyone covered.   On the morning after ND’s 24-23 defeat to the lowly Syracuse […]