Game of the Week (12/29-1/4)

Was there a game this past week that had you riveted to your seat? Maybe it was a game you saw in person. Maybe the action was so intense you dare not touch the remote. OR is there a game that you are looking forward to this week? Let’s us know about it here.

Tale of the tape – UCLA at Oregon

Last year the Bruins survived 80-75 on the Duck pond in Eugene. Some changes have taken place since then – Kevin Love (who spurned Oregon’s recruiting advances despite his father playing for Oregon in the 70s) and Russell Westbrook are now earning paychecks in the NBA.

Performance of the Week (12/29-1/4)

Have you seen a great sports performance this week – maybe on the national level or the local level? Was it a feat of athletic prowess, an incredible accomplishment, or an ultimate act of sportsmanship? Here’s the place to note that performance.

College Football — The Soup Bowl

Casey thought it was about time that I write a Bowl season round-up, so I said “Yes, boss, how fast do you want that? I’ll drop everything and get right on it”. Well, it actually didn’t go like that, but after I stopped cussin’ and throwin’ things, this is what came out. It’s kinda like […]