Here’s My Guys…You Pick The Court…Game On!!!!!!

As February melts (hopefully for us in the Northeast) into March, college hoopsters prepare for the madness. After spending ample time viewing the nation’s hoopsters, I have assembled my own team – Casey’s Crew. Using the premise of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” I challenge anyone who thinks they can […]

Sweet Sixteen Challenge (Premier)

Fancy yourself a bracketologist? Think you are a prognosticator of a higher order? Then we have a challenge for you. With Selection Sunday less than three weeks away now is the time to show off your skills. You could be the first winner of the Sweet Sixteen Challenge brought to you by Casey’s Clipboard and […]

What A Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I needed any reinforcement for my love of college basketball, yesterday’s hoops schedule provided ample opportunity (of course m’amour for the college game needs little support). Yesterday’s schedule included a couple of Big East rivalries, an upset in the SEC, inter-conference play between the Pac-10 and the Big East, C-USA and the West Coast […]

Role Player’s Hall Of Fame

With the idea that there are no small roles I need your help devising our hall of fame for the role player: the player who will not make his/her sport’s hall of fame, but who contributed to the overall success of his team. I wanted to start this list with Preston Pearson. The former Dallas […]

How Do You Define a Rivalry?

Wednesday, February 7th will mark the 222nd meeting between the Tar Heels of North Carolina and the Duke University Blue Devils. These two schools nine miles apart rank number two (UNC-2,003) and four (Duke-1,816) on the all-time victories list for NCAA Division I Men’s basketball. For the 122nd consecutive meeting at least one of these […]

Jim Thorpe: An American Legend

On September 7,1963, the National Football League enshrined its first Hall of Fame class. Among the seventeen original inductees, Jim Thorpe stands as both a paragon of competition and an example to learn from. Born in 1887 to parents of Native-American descent Thorpe grew up in the territory that would eventually become known as Oklahoma. […]

A domino effect of sorts

Last night the Virginia Cavaliers defeated the Duke Blue Devils in overtime by the score of 68-66. By all accounts it sounds like another in a long line of great regular-season ACC battles. (I wish I could say I watched the game live, but we had to travel through three counties to watch the daughter […]


The following is a fictitious account. The author in no way is suggesting that any of the following events actually occurred. Our scene takes us to the Dodger Stadium parking lot. The sun shines brightly on this January morning. The cars of the full-time office employees dot the parking lot. A Ford F-150, looking like […]

Relegation Anyone?????

By Paul Gotham Imagine a realignment of Major League Baseball. Instead of the American League and the National League competing for the opportunity to win the World Series, professional baseball would have one distinct major league – let’s call it the premier league for the purpose of this article. This league would consist of sixteen […]