Former Bonnies shortstop Peterson earns Tigers Spring Training nod, Minor League Award

Former Bonnies shortstop Peterson earns Tigers Spring Training nod, Minor League Award

Earlier this month he received Connecticut Tigers Player of the Year honors for his play last summer. The recognition came as further proof of his defensive prowess – Peterson gained traction at the plate as the season wore on, lifting his batting average to .246 at season’s end, but he posted a .974 fielding percentage while helping turn 33 double plays…

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“You can’t take the umps out of the game. Period. Sure they make mistakes, but they’re human. As a matter of fact, so are the players. And if umps are human and make mistakes, then players, who are also human, make mistakes too.”

Performance Of The Week | 9/28 – 10/4

Despite touching Tiger ace, Justin Verlander, for four runs, the Twins trailed the Tigers by two after splitting the series. Finishing the season at home against the 65-win Kansas City Royals looked good on the surface. That is until one considers the Twins would face Zzzzzzzzach Grienke. Minnesota crossed the dish four times versus the AL Cy Young probable, swept the Royals, and by virtue of a Tiger implosion, are looking at a one-game playoff on Tuesday.

Performance Of The Week 8/10-8/16

Another week and we have another great performance by a Boston Red Sox opponent. Last week, the Bronx earned recognition. This week, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers grabs the honors.

Tuesdays with Smitty: Remembering the Bird

Okay, it is not exactly Tuesday, but this class and the reading involved is killing me – so bear with me. This past week has been a tough week for Major League Baseball fans. First with the death of Angel’s pitcher Nick Adenhart in a tragic car crash, followed by the deaths of legendary broadcaster Harry Kalas and pitcher Mark “The Bird” Fidrych. So much has been written about Nick Adenhart and Harry Kalas, that I am not sure I can add anything additional. But this week, younger co-workers and I while discussing the news at lunch, started to talk about Mark Fidrych. To my surprise – neither knew who he was and I consider both to be avid baseball fans.