Is A-Rod Worthy?

Is A-Rod Worthy?

“Surely, that would show something definitive about his use of drugs, and then I could sneer with glee and say, yeah, just like Canseco said, A-Rod is a punk, took drugs, and isn’t deserving of a stool at the 600 bar. Well, the results are a bit different than I suspected.”

Replay This

“You can’t take the umps out of the game. Period. Sure they make mistakes, but they’re human. As a matter of fact, so are the players. And if umps are human and make mistakes, then players, who are also human, make mistakes too.”

Is Baseball Boring?

Is Baseball Boring?

“Ask yourself, if you were 9, what would you want to see? A home run for sure. A double at least, maybe a triple. A lot of hits, a lot of action, right? And yet none of that happened.”

Role Models

“You have to wonder, is it the stress of being a high performance athlete that takes it toll on one’s life, or just sheer stupidity?”

Opening Day Woes

So I sit there stunned. Opening day, blacked out, a game that is 384 miles away, according to the Google (just for grins, Yankee Stadium is 332 miles from here). Now my digital antenna that picks up local channels is supposed to reach 50 miles or so (on a good day), and even that leaves me over 300 miles short, and only if the game were on a local Boston channel.

Who’s Sorry Now?

“It’s hard for me, being so much better than all the other golfers. I can hit 300 yards in my sleep, I can slice and hook on demand, and I can putt a ball across an interstate highway during rush hour and still sink it, one handed if needed. Do you know what that means?”

Stupor Bowl Musings

“But the real one two punch to the groin came at halftime, where a bunch of hoarse-throated jocks gave their views on the game, followed by Grandpa Simpson singing snippets of Who songs.”

Boo Feckin’ Hoo

“Pardon me if we’re all not shocked by this, but it’s akin to Elton John admitting his sexual preference is for men, or Dale Earnhardt jr loves driving fast, or I can’t stand Joe Buck.”

Winter Rules?

“What? Let me get this straight – the behemoth of the Cadillac line is compromised in a slow speed accident so insignificant that the airbags don’t pop, but the only way to get Tiger out is whacking out the rear glass with a wedge?”

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