NFL Predictions

September 8th marks the beginning of the 2011-2012 NFL season, a season that we weren’t sure we would get. So let us embrace with some predictions sure to go wrong …

Week 3 Notes & Predictions

Can you believe we’re already three weeks into the 2010 NFL season? And some teams are already pressing the panic button, while other teams find themselves off to great starts. Who will be the winners and losers in this week’s edition of NFL action?

NFL Season Preview: NFC West

The NFC West is definitely a tight division. However, these teams have a better chance at playing for a high draft slot instead of a playoff spot. There is quite a lot of rebuilding out west.

NFL Splinters | Divisional Playoffs

Those expecting this game to resemble a shootout were surprised when the Saint defense clipped the Cardinals’ wings. Arizona managed just 14 points on 359 total yards. One week after scoring 51, the Cardinals offense met a stronger force in the Saints D. Arizona’s defense surrendered 90 points in two playoff games.

Tuesdays with Smitty: Odds and Ends

We are officially done with football until April, Pitcher and Catchers are starting to report to Spring Training – and I really didn’t have a topic for this weekend. So I decided to see if I could conjure up some discussion on the board and throw out observations on some recent topics in sports. Here we go:

Tuesdays with Smitty: Kurt Warner

After another crazy day at work, I finally had a chance to surf the web and look for interesting stories. Manny turned down another offer that is leaving most Americans shaking their heads. Andrew Bynum is out 8-12 weeks, Barry apparently tested positive – 5 years later and Kurt Warner is considering retirement. Let’s stop on that last topic – Kurt Warner possibly retiring. After a thrilling Super Bowl game in which Warner was spectacular (except for one pass), the QB is thinking about riding off into the sunset and calling it a career. Which automatically brings up the next question – Is Kurt Warner a Hall of Fame candidate? If Warner does decide to call it a career, this topic will surely be debated for the next couple of months by reporters. As concerned sports fans, I believe it is our responsibility to help out the Nickelback-loving reporters and decide if Kurt Warner is in fact Hall of Fame material. Let’s take a look..

Tuesdays with Smitty: Conference Championship Weekend

Similar to the dropping temperature in Rochester, NY – teams left in the NFL playoffs are slowly dwindling to a mere four. While most teams are beginning to plan for the proverbial “next” season (including the annual pillage of the Patriots coaching staff and front office), this Sunday results will determine who respresents each respective conference in Super Bowl XLIII. One game features a battle of 2 of the best defenses currently in the NFL, while the other showcases 2 teams that most people nearly wrote off about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Let’s break down both games: