Break up the O’s!

Random baseball thoughts: I know we’re just a week into it and the Orioles haven’t exactly played a Murderer’s Row schedule just yet, but they’re 6-1!!! Insert blind squirrel comment here _____________________________________________. Meanwhile, the Tigers are now 0-7 with a couple more to play at Fenway. Chain smoker Jimmy Leyland is now up to 6 […]

Tuesdays with Smitty: In search of the Green Jacket

After watching my favorite Red Sox look tired and consequently taking a beating from the Toronto Blue – Jays; I got to thinking about this week’s article. During the drive home we passed by a golf course, and I started thinking about the greatest of golf tournaments that starts this Thursday, April 10th – The […]

Clean up on aisle common sense

The world of sports can provide a bountiful feast of unintentional humor. To not discuss some of these examples would just be an opportunity lost. For instance those folks who oversee the everyday comings and goings of Fenway Park – don’t you think it would be prudent that if a bird of prey, such as […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 3/31-4/6

Okay so I am gonna have to eat some crow here. There have been several occasions where I, Casey, have written less than flattering remarks about Bill Self. I have used the ‘Self-destruct’ comment more than a couple of times. Last night Self’s Jayhawks were ready to go. Dare I say Kansas looked better prepared […]

Calhoun, Krzyzewski and the brave new world

By Paul Gotham Quick – what do Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlain have in common? Yeah, yeah, yeah basketball, I know. Guess I had that one coming. If you also said those three all played on teams that won an NBA championship, you would again be right. They are also all enshrined in […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 3/23-3/30

Earlier this season I viewed Derrick Rose with skepticism. I hadn’t seen enough of him to tell whether the stats were nothing more than a feasting on the soft Conference-USA schedule. I even left him out of my top point guards discussion. Today changed all that. Faced with Texas of the Big 12 and their […]