Jr. Rhinos Travel To Columbia

The U17 Rochester Junior Rhinos have put together an impressive resume: winning the Northern Ohio Cup, finishing second in the Rush Cup held in Virginia Beach, and a competitive showing in the Empire Cup. The organizers of the Columbia Invitational took one look at these accomplishments and decided to place Rene Tadal’s squad in their […]

NBA = Not Boston Again

Saw Danny Ainge being interviewed after the shockingly bad news from the draft lottery that the Celtics will not be getting one of the top lottery picks afterall, presumably either Oden or Durant. You could see the thoughts going through his head like “Gee, still can’t get lucky … now I’ll actually have to be […]

Who Is The Athlete That You Go Out-Of-Your Way To Watch?

Brett Fah-ve-rah comes to mind for me. I don’t remember ever being a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Of the 70’s Packers only Chester Marcoal sticks in my craw. I had heard and read stories of the great Vince Lombardi. I loved seeing video clips of the famed ‘Frozen Tundra’ game. They play in […]

Team Name Game

Okay we’ve done this before. The rules have been modified ever so slightly. Now we play the game using the names of teams (professional and amateur). Take the first letter from the last name and continue the chain (defunct and minor league teams are more than welcome). I will start us with the Golden State […]

Round And Round It Goes…

Where it stops, the sports world never knows. So many topics to discuss. Where should we start? I find myself scratching my head when I see so many media outlets beginning discussions of the 2008 NFL draft. Yes, you read that right: the 2008 draft! What is this? New car sales! 2008?!?!?! This must be […]

Spurs win in spite of themselves

Anyone watch last night’s game Spurs vs Suns? I only saw the second half, but was amazed once again. The Spurs are insanely talented as a team … and I stress “TEAM” … they are well-structured as a unit with very talented players, most of whom play their roles very well. Pop is a great […]

Thank You Notes to the NBA

Another NBA article – I can see Muels rolling his eyes. Be patient m’amigo we’ll get back to your topics. Besides I am waiting for you to weigh in on the Letterman and Weis stuff below. I grew up on the ‘70’s NBA. A time when many games were seen via delayed broadcast. Friday nights […]

Jr. Rhinos Do Battle In The Empire Cup

Coach Rene Tadal’s squad looked to continue their winning ways from last weekend’s Northern Ohio championship. The team’s Saturday morning wake-up call came in the person of the Pittsburgh North Stars, and by the time the Rhinos responded they found themselves facing a three-goal deficit. The North Stars controlled the first half of play and […]

Mid-May Musings

I’m not a big NBA fan … until the playoffs start and the games actually mean something. Midway through this year’s playoffs, a couple things are evident. One is that there’s some pretty good, exciting basketball being played out West. The upstart Warriors upstaged the Dallas Mavwrecks in one of the biggest playoff upsets in […]

Letterman’s Top Ten Signs A Baseball Player Is Too Old

10. Gets winded putting on his socks. 9. Hard slide into second triggers life-alert pendant. 8. While playing outfield, yells at teammates to get the hell off his lawn. 7. When buying performance-enhancing drugs, gets the AARP card out. 6. Claims he killed President McKinley with a line drive. 5. Often begins sentences, “As Shoeless […]