“Go Yankees”

I’m guilty of using a sensational headline that would catch everyone’s attention. I admit it. Surely when you read that line cheering on the Bronx Bombers, you had to think I had gone mad. What’s worse? This article doesn’t have anything to do with baseball. Least I don’t think it does anyway. Originally I planned […]

Thumbs Up for…

…the NHL. Gary Bettman and his crack staff are busy discussing the possibility of another Winter Classic. This should be an annual event. …the NBA who will hand out fines next year for ‘flopping’. I love soccer, but flopping is easily the worst part of the game. I don’t need to see it on the […]

Where do the Spurs rank?

Let’s assume the Spurs close out the Cadavers before the weekend is over to claim their 4th NBA title in 8 years. Dynasty? Absolutely. One of the all-time teams? You betcha. Now let’s get specific. Assuming they win one more game in the next week or so, where does this Spurs team rank among the […]

NBA = Not Boston Again

Saw Danny Ainge being interviewed after the shockingly bad news from the draft lottery that the Celtics will not be getting one of the top lottery picks afterall, presumably either Oden or Durant. You could see the thoughts going through his head like “Gee, still can’t get lucky … now I’ll actually have to be […]

Spurs win in spite of themselves

Anyone watch last night’s game Spurs vs Suns? I only saw the second half, but was amazed once again. The Spurs are insanely talented as a team … and I stress “TEAM” … they are well-structured as a unit with very talented players, most of whom play their roles very well. Pop is a great […]

Kobe or MJ ??

Interesting topic that’s been on a lot of sports talk shows lately … given that Kobe Bryant has been on a scoring binge … averaging over 40 points per game for the month of March!!! The question is: Who’s better … Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?? There are also several derivatives: Who’s the better offensive […]

When is a foul intentional?

Well … that’s a bit difficult to answer because you’d have to be a mind-reader to some extent. But it was absolutely criminal for the referees in Saturday’s Xavier vs Ohio St. contest not to call an obvious intentional foul on Ohio St. with about 9 seconds left in regulation. Greg Oden quite clearly committed […]