Casual Friday 9/9: A look at the CFB weekend

by Wally

Somehow, I can just hear the legendary voice of Keith Jackson in the background doing the play by play broadcast of an Alabama-Penn State game.   Please,  Keith … just one mention of the “big ugglies” for old times sake.   Okay … sorry for reminiscing.    Here’s a preview/prediction of some notable games this weekend:


#21 Mizzou at Arizona State (Fri):    Tigers still “rebuilding” after the graduation of stud QB Blaine Gabbert.   ASU needs to make a statement and they’re at home.   Sun Devils win by 4 in a nice upset.


Temple at Akron:   Who gives a hoooooot?    We do !!!   This one’s for Rey!!  Temple is coming off a dismantling of Villanova while the Zips were summarily demolished as a tasty appetizer for Ohio State.    No contest as the Owls trounce the Zips  31-20. 



#16 Mississippi State at Auburn:    I don’t care what the records are or if the rankings were reversed … I’m going with the Bulldogs in this one!!  I’m tired of Auburn, who got SOOOOO LUCKY last week vs Utah State … and I’m leaning heavily on Crossword Pete’s prediction that Miss St is one of the SEC’s top teams.   I have to admit, they looked really good last week.   Miss State 31  Auburn 24. 


#11 Virginia Tech at East Carolina:    Looks tempting as an upset special, but I don’t think so.   Hokies win comfortably … probably by 20+.


#3 Alabama at #23 Penn State:    Would love to see a Nittany Lions upset here … (and to hear Keith Jackson say “We’ve got an old fashioned barn burner here!”) … but not so fast, my friends.     I’d be comfortable going there if Penn State didn’t have quarterback issues, but I believe they do … and you can’t have those against the Bama defense … this could be the Crimson’s best defense under Saban.   Bama is also breaking in a new starting QB, so they won’t exactly be smooth on offense either, but they do have a great running game.   I think this will be closer than the experts think, but unfortunately the Tide will grind out a win  21-17. 


#25 TCU at Air Force:   This has upset written all over it.    The Falcons might rack up 400 yards on the ground with their triple option against a suddenly suspect TCU defense.   TCU confidence is low after losing to Baylor.    Air Force soars at home … Falcons win by 6.


#12 South Carolina at Georgia:    Mark Richt might be on the hottest hot seat in America and so this SEC home opener for the Bulldogs is essentially a must win.   Meanwhile, SCarolina has it’s own issues … usually between Steve Spurrier and whipping boy, QB Stephen Garcia.    Will the must win pressure make Georgia crumble or will it bring out a top effort???    I think the latter will hold true and the Bulldogs prevail 27-24.


BYU at #24 Texas:   The Cougars are coming off a stirring road win at Ole Miss while the Longhorns looked somewhat lackluster in their opening win over Rice.    Meanwhile, Mack Brown has been busy doing commercials and commentary for the new Longhorn Network and nobody is really sure who is coaching the team.     Texas is still somewhat weak offensively and I’m not sure they’ve shored up their defense either.   They have been playing a bunch of freshman while BYU has several married players.   BYU has a great recent track record vs Big 12 teams.   Go with maturity and experience … BYU 26  Texas 20.


Utah at USC:   The Utes go into Los Angeles for their inaugural PAC 12 match-up after cleaning up on the Montana Bobcats last week.  The Trojans are coming off a lackluster performance in a 2 point win over lowly Minnesota that has the USuC faithful worried.   Not sure what they’re worried about … they’re on probation and can’t go to a bowl.   Anyway, it’s hard to believe USuC is as bad as they looked last week, especially with all that talent on the roster.   Lame Kiffin will get the troops fired up for the Pac 12 opener.    Trojans prevail 28-24.




 Notre Dame at Meeeeeshigan:     Okay, the Irish aren’t gonna win the national title this year after coughing up what shoulda been a comfortable win last week vs So Florida, so this is their Super Bowl!!!    (It’s so humbling to say that going into week 2 … again!).    First night game in Michigan history … (it’s about time those rocket scientists in Ann Arbor finally discovered the light bulb) … and the Skunkbear fans will be numerous and well oiled by the time this one kicks off in the not so Big House.   So what?!?!    Last year, ND had HUGE problems containing Denard Robinson … BUT their defense is quite improved.    Meanwhile, the Irish will start the “undefeated” Tommy Rees at QB and … say a prayer … he performs well and plays the WHOLE game.    Add to this the fact the the Skunbears really only had one half of football last week to work out the kinks against a subpar opponent.    All this spells victory for the Irish, right????   On paper, they SHOULD win!!!    Not so fast, my friends!!!    There’s a reason I picked Meeeeeeeshigan to win this one last Wednesday and until proven otherwise, I’m sticking to that.   The fact of the matter is this … “Funny things” tend to happen to the Irish up there in Ann Arbor (actually, not so funny for ND).    Seconds mysteriously slip off the clock, the Irish get called for holding excessively and for excessive celebration frequently.    ND coaches suddenly get brain lock during crucial moments when the win is within grasp.    Memories of Charlie unWeis passing the ball with two mins left with the lead only to give Meeeeshigan the vital seconds they needed to pull out a win in 2009 and then last year Brian Kelly not settling for the winning chip shot FG vs Tulsa only to be intercepted … well, you might understand why I’m a little gun-shy about this game (and this team).     Really hurts to put this in print, but I’m going with my head on this one … ND’s David Ruffer misses a 45 yarder as time expires … Meeeeshigan  28  ND  26.    Hope I’m dead wrong.      Have I mentioned my complete disdain for the Skunkbears?




NYPD World Trade Center 9/11 Aerials

Time for a serious, reflective pause as we head into the 10th anniversary of 911,  which was certainly a life-altering, watershed event in the history of our great nation that shall never be forgotten.   Please take a few moments to remember those who lost their lives, those whose lives were permanently changed, and all the men and women who serve to protect us … whether at home in emergency response or abroad in the military.    Make sure you say “thank you” to the next fire fighter or soldier you see.

Have a great weekend  🙂

35 Responses to "Casual Friday 9/9: A look at the CFB weekend"

  1. Casey   September 9, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    “Meanwhile, Mack Brown has been busy doing commercials and commentary for the new Longhorn Network and nobody is really sure who is coaching the team.” Hahaha

  2. Wally   September 9, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Let me tell ya … the Aggies and Longhorns already had a legendary rivalry before all this Longhorn Network and A&M leaving for the SEC stuff started. Now, it’s just downright hatred … i just hope it doesn’t get stupid or violent. I hope we get tickets for the annual Thanksgiving game in College station. That event will be VERY interesting 😉

  3. Kyle Soppe   September 9, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    As a former Penn State (Altoona) student, I hope youre right and the Nittany Lions keep it tight … however, if i was in Vegas, im taking the Crimson Tide to impress, and take this one going away. Beaver Stadium is a tough place to place, but if PSU keeps it within double digits, Ill be surprised

  4. Smitty   September 9, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Wally…. I have a premonition that Tommy Rees will not only last the entire game – but is going to have one heck of a game. If there is a Dayne Crist sighting, it will be with a headset on.

    Haven’t heard anything about the Wolverine’s defense. Will ND be able to run the ball like they did last week?

    I was listening to Doug Gotleib (spelling) talk this afternoon about South Carolina. They were discussing that if the Gamecocks can beat Georgia – their schedule might allow them into the National Championship picture. Please say this isn’t true. When your starting QB is suspended every other week and is starting to suffer from Terry Dehere syndrome ( symptoms are when it seems like you are playing for college for 10 years – when in fact – it is only 4) – you don’t belong in the National Championship discussion.

  5. Wally   September 9, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Smitty, I hope you’re right about Rees! You were unfortunately right with your premonition about Crist last week.

    Michigan defense was awful last year and is expected to be improved this year, but still not a strength. They need more players on that side of the ball. ND should be able to move the ball but how many times have I written that before and been disappointed? 90% of the talking heads on ESPN seem to be predicting an Irish win, so I hope they’re right and I’m wrong on this one.

    South Carolina is in the relatively weak East division of the SEC. Florida is rebuilding and Georgia is the classic underachiever. The power is in the West: Bama, LSU, Miss St, etc. So, yes, SCarolina could set the table very nicely for themselves with in win in Athens tomorrow … and if they beat FLA and Clemson, etc … they will likely be in the SEC title game … but that will be a tough game to win. I gotta agree with folks that if an SEC team is undefeated after the title game, they likely deserve a shot at the nat’l title game. It is the best top to bottom football conference.

  6. Rey   September 10, 2011 at 10:21 am

    You made my weekend, Wally! Owls by 2 TDs and a FG.

    I’m watching GameDay, which is in Ann Arbor for the Irish-Skunkbears tilt. They have the helmets in front of their desk. Notre Dame’s Golden Dome has a huge green clover on it. Have they EVER had a logo on their helmet? Are they seriously wearing those helmets tonight? Will the Irish-faithful have a collective gasp if that’s what they run out adorned in?

  7. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Wally, nice call on ASU. I had that one on ESPN radio last night and couldn’t believe the big and quick swings in scores. I was not glued to it and did not hear the end but was not surprised to hear that it went to OT and that ASU pulled it out.

    How about FIU over Lou-uh-vool! USF, FIU, Fla Atlantic; who are the real powers in that state? They should form a super conference of just Florida schools!

    Talk about reminiscing; I saw a Citadel sweat shirt the other day which reminded me of the days when I would watch the scoreboard show wrap up of Saturday action and be led to believe that The Citadel played Furman EVERY WEEK!!!

    I hope you are right about UGA, if only for the anti-Gamecock sentiments expressed by Smitty. I fear you are right about PSU. I don’t know if it is the end of the JoePa era or not, but I don’t think they are in a class with ‘Bama. And how about USuC proving once again that they are unique in CFB by falling OUT of the rankings after a WIN. I love it!! No word from Crash on that?

    As to ND: everybody got the “worst game of my career” out of the way last week! I tried to believe in the Dayne Crist choice because I have such faith in Brian Kelly’s coaching ability, but even Kelly needed to verify once more that Crist can only perform well in practice, not games. However, he did it much more quickly than would have UnWeis or Boob Davie or Losingham, strengthening my belief that he is ND’s next great coach! Robinson and skunkbear offense will NOT shred this ND defense, and UM defense is very suspect, having given up mucho yards to Western last week, even in a winning cause. Tonight Tommy Rees does to Michigan what Denard Robinson did to ND last year; he DESTROYS their defense (Smitty already nailed that one above). Wally, I am glad that you got your amazing pick out of the way last night with ASU. That means that your heart can be right and beat your head tonight. GO IRISH! Beat Wolverines!

  8. Wally   September 10, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Rey … it’s unfortunately one of those “throwback days” for the ND-Meeeeshigan game. Yes, the Irish actually wore those road uniforms … I think back in ’50s and early ’60s (Pete?). Sometime before Ara Parseghian. And yes they had the shamrock on the helmet for a few years.

    I’m not condoning Brian Kelly’s sideline behavior last week, but Lee Corso is a total @$$*****. Like he has ANY idea what it’s like to coach big time college football … let alone in today’s media world. He coached at Louisville, Indiana and Northern Illinois back in the ’70s. Give us all a break. Just shut up! I’m sure you never cussed at your players … but of course, why bother when you’re at those great football institutions???

    Pete … you and Smitty are singing from the same hymnal. What church are you guys at … I’m might join ya. 🙂 Anyway, rest assured my heart will be in the right place. I ALWAYs root for the team I want to win, regardless of who I may have picked. Heart trumps brain on game day!!

  9. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Kelly is using the “Luck o’ the Irish”, Rey. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Well, if it is broke, fix it! Nothing changes if nothing changes. Even ND traditionalists like myself are not going to gasp at attempts to turn things around! Not all turnarounds are Xs and Os strategies. A lucky Irish shamrock on the helmet? All I can say is: GO IRISH! Beat Wolverines!

  10. Rey   September 10, 2011 at 11:35 am

    You learn something new every day on The Pine. I would have never thought ND had a logo on their helmet. Guess they’re reaching back to bring some of that luck to today’s team.

  11. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Brian Kelly has made a successful career out of yelling at players. Again; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Lee Corso has made a not-anywhere-near successful career in both coaching and broadcasting. If it IS broke, fix it. I think they should team him with Mark May and have them broadcast all games played on the moon!!!

  12. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Just came up with this: It’s now and forever Lee So-coarse. His thinking is always backwards, might as well make his name the same. Besides, I think that name fits him quite well!

  13. Wally   September 10, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Helmet sticker, Pete! Moreso for the comment about sending them to games on the Moon, but I liked ’em both 🙂

  14. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Helmet logos, green jerseys, going from Clashmore Mike to the leprechaun, slapping signs in the tunnel; ND has never balked at changing traditions. It’s just that some of our traditions are so old and so publicized that people think we are afraid of change. We are not afraid of change, we just fear not being relevant in CFB. Whatever it takes!!! GO IRISH! Beat Wolverines!

    Some research needed for this next part; wish my memory was this good. ND has changed helmets several times. In the early “50s they had a helmet that had criss-crossing stripes on it. Laehy kept that helmet for his final years. Terry Brennan adopted it and with the addition of a face mask was having his team use that helmet when ND broke Oklahoma’s 47 game win streak in 1957. In 1973 Ara added stars to the helmets, apparently earned for special accomplishments. The stars were not a previously used or since used helmet item. Dan Devine’s use of green jerseys was documented in a 1977 win over USuC that propelled ND to the national championship (they wore green for all remaining games that year), but ND has used green on and off since the days of Knute Rockne. ND’s original colors were royal blue (for truth) and yellow (for light). Ara went to Navy blue and gold. Faust switched back to royal after researching the history, but Holtz went back to Navy. In the 1880s ND was known as The Catholics. They became the Ramblers around 1900 and remained so until 1927 when the University president officially adopted Fighting Irish as the nickname. Since Gipp played in 1920 and the Four Horsemen won a national championship in 1924, it can be readily seen that tradition changes even as major as this do not interfere with ND success. In other words, to paraphrase FDR, we have nothing to fear but losing, itself. I can find no record of a shamrock on the helmet, but have some memory of seeing a picture of it. I believe it occurred in the early ’60s in the previous down time of Irish football, probably a ploy by Joe Kuharich or Hugh Devore, 2 coaches who make Boob and UnWeis look good.

  15. Rey   September 10, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Here you go Pete:

  16. Wally   September 10, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Holy history lesson, Pete! Double helmet sticker!!

  17. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Good googling Rey. I knew I had seen it sometime. Monty Stickles was certainly one of ND’s all-time greats and I am guessing that picture has come across my line of vision somewhere in my too many years.

  18. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    BTW, take Fla Atlantic out of the Florida-only super conference; Fla Atl – 0, Mich St. – 44. Glad to see the Spartans doing all their scoring this week! Next week is going to be a lean day for the against the Irish D!!!

  19. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Well, OSU can’t even beat up the other state “power” cities. They got by the Akron Zips easily, but Toledo took them to the wire. On the other hand, enough said for Miss. St being tough SEC school. Aub burned them badly. Darn.

  20. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Oops. AU/Miss St not final. Here’s hoping for a big comeback! Go Bulldogs!

  21. Wally   September 10, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    It’s over now. I think it’s safe to say that Auburn has now surpassed LSU as America’s Luckiest Team. They really should be 0-2 or 1-1 with a home loss to lowly Utah State.

    Big blow to Miss State. Now they go home to face LSU Thurs. Better get over this loss quickly or they’ll get blown out.

  22. Crossword Pete   September 10, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    ND 24, skunkbears 7. You heard it here first! GO Irish! Beat Wolverines!

  23. Wally   September 10, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    Nobody does less with more than ND. NOBODY. The Irish UNDERACHIEVE relative to their talent level more than any team I’ve ever seen. Two very winnable games, two losses given away.

    I cannot believe how many mistakes were made as a team and coaching staff to gag this one away. Unforced errors on the field, tactical mistakes by coaching staff. WHO didn’t know Robinson was gonna throw for the endzone with 8 secs left??? Heck, who didn’t know he was gonna throw downfield from his 10 with 23 seconds left. Michigan was on their own … what … 15 yard line with 23 seconds left????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Where’s the %#@&%! “great” defense ND was supposed to have. Where’s the coaching staff to put defenders in the right position???? Why was #4 still in the defensive backfield for the Irish??? Embarrasingly burned like 3 times when he didn’t know where the ball was.

    Like I said … “funny things happen to ND in Ann Arbor”. Notre LAME. When does hoops start?!?!?!?

  24. Crash   September 11, 2011 at 12:33 am

    Better get prepared for Sparty or it’s 0-3 Gomers ! Great balls of fire ! Rey, I agree the ugliest helmets in CFB looked downright ridiculous tonight and so did Notre Lame…

  25. Crash   September 11, 2011 at 1:06 am

    USuC looked even more ridiculous honestly.

  26. Wally   September 11, 2011 at 1:37 am

    I’ve suggested this before, and after another gagfest this evening vs Meeeeshigan to ruin the start of yet ANOTHER season, I’m proposing it again as the best move for ND football: join the Big 10 or the Big East, maybe the BE would be best at this point. I really don’t give a crap about independence, tradition and history at this point. I do give a crap about creating, or recreating, a winning tradition. It is no fun when your season tends to be over after week 2 or 3. It would be nice to have a conference slate to count on in case things don’t go rosy in weeks 1-3. Play Army, Navy, Michigan and Duke in weeks 1-4. Then play 7 BE conference games and then So Cal to close out the regular season. Tradtional rivals and national games can be retained while enjoying benefits of conference affiliation. This way, ND can continue to screw up in the initial weeks and still look forward to potentially winning something. I’m dead serious.

    If the expected transition into 4 or 5 “Super Conferences” occurs as many people predict, ND will be invited. They don’t need to worry about that due to their brand name and national following. What they need to worry about NOW is re-establishing a winning tradition and not killing seasons before they even get started. Join the Big East now with your other sports and let’s get this program on the right track!!!

    Case in point … As crappy as Penn State looked vs Bama, they can still win the BIG 10 and look forward to conference play. The sting from todays loss will subside by Tuesday.

  27. Rey   September 11, 2011 at 8:02 am

    I agree, Wally. In Notre Dame’s defense, they are always playing a top-10 strength of schedule every year. How can they expect to compete with no conference championship to fall back on?

  28. Crossword Pete   September 11, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Little did I know at the time that my premonition score only covered the first 45 minutes of the game. I am in stunned silence right now.

  29. Wally   September 11, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Pete … ya gotta mostly point to the defense in this one…. players, coaches, EVERYONE. Or lack of defense I shoulda said, but you knew that.

    — Up by 17 at start of 4th quarter and I think UM was back on their 10 yard line. The next play was either a 45 yard run by Robinson or a very long pass. I think they scored in about 4 or 5 plays … that’s it.

    — Up by 3 with 23 seconds left and UM on their 20. TWENTY THREE SECONDS. They went 80 yards and scored a TD in 21 seconds and I don’t even think they used a time out!!! I never coached football, but aren’t you supposed to be in some sort of layered zone and rush just 3 guys … if they rush at all???? A 15-20 yard QB scramble can’t beat ya but a 65 yard pass sure can.

    — Who is #4 for the Irish?? Gary Gray??? When you look at all UM scoring plays and long yardage plays, he was the one getting burned on just about every one. WHY he was even out on the field in the last minute is amazing.

    — Robinson completed only 11 passes … BUT for over 330 yards!!! 30 yards per completion!!! ya gotta be kidding!!!!

    — It’s just embarrassing when EVERYONE knows what the opponent is gonna do … has to do … to get back in the game … and the ND defense just simply let them do it.

    Either join a conference … or abolish football like the Univ of Chicago did. ND just practically gave themselves the death penalty anyway with sheer incompetence. They are a laughing stock … a punch line.

    Just shoot me ….

  30. Rey   September 11, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Wally? I’m going to need your belt and shoelaces, sir.

  31. Wally   September 11, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Rey —
    Correct … When other teams are busy screwing up royally in their first two games of the season … they still somehow win … cuz they’re playing Kent State, Toledo, Utah State and North Texas during the first 3-4 weeks. Meanwhile, ND is playing USF, Michigan and Mich State. How’s that been working for us????

    Join the Big East … save that conference for football … negotiate that you get to keep your NBC deal … keep playing Michigan, USC, Stanford, the academies and Texas in the non-conference slate each year. You’ve got 4 or so non-conf games … rotate these teams. And then ND will have a very good shot at winnning or finishing 2nd in the conference most years. Let’s get to the point where 9-3 is the EXPECTED MINIMUM performance instead of a dream every year!! With the current way ND schedules, there is really no margin for error … especially early.

    ND easily coulda won the first two games this year, but the fact is they did not and all hopes for a BCS game are down the toilet. Again. Already. Let’s adopt the Penn State formula … not to pick on them … I coulda said Ohio State … or Oklahoma … but play just one challenging non-conference game among the first four … cupcake city Baby!!! You’re guaranteed to be at least 3-1 by the time conference games begin. Nothing like a positive vibe and momentum.

    Meanwhile ND bangs it’s head against the wall … somehow trying to be “different and special”. Yep, were “special” alright!

  32. Crossword Pete   September 11, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    #4 committed some very untimely penalties that were very crucial to the loss to USF. It was he that gave them a first and goal instead of 4th and whatever for a field goal that would have allowed ND to win 21-19 in regulation.

  33. Wally   September 12, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    I’m wondering what type of defense the Irish were supposed to be in for that final Michigan drive with a whole 23 seconds left. Do you think the coaches had any discussions about having 8 guys back? Do you think they even discussed things like “should we rush the passer or just track him and make him commit to either the run or pass?” Do you think they talked at all about field coverage and staying in your zone … not chasing and leaving a zone? Did they talk to any of the players?? Do you think they even talked at all … TO ANYONE???

    Based on the fact that Michigan traveled 80 yards in just two plays to score the game-winning TD in just 21 seconds …. and how they did it … I’m guessing the answer is “no” to all my questions. Thanks for listening.

    I’m still in therapy trying to understand the sheer incompetence of the ND coaching staff in the final quarter of that game. Like I said in my weekend preview, the Big House has a way of throwing ND coaches into brainlock seizures at the most inopportune times. sure enough ….

    Word has it that #4 Gary Gray is not gonna lose his job. Wow … I wish I could !#&* up that bad on my job and still keep it!!! What does he have to do, Kelly, kill someone?!?!!?

  34. Rey   September 12, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Wally – your comment sounds exactly like your comments for UnWeis. Exactly like them. So it begs the question: Is Notre Dame football cursed?

  35. Wally   September 12, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Rey … Yes, indeed … It’s the” Curse of Wadsworth”! Mike Wadsworth was a former ND football player who was something like Canada’s Ambassador to Ireland or similar useless position like that. Anyway, he was ill-equipped to be appointed AD at Notre Dame, but alas, he was. Unfortunately, Wadsworth was the AD long enough to essentially force out Lou Holtz because he was somehow enamored with Irish asst coach Bob Davie. Yes, the same Bob Davie who provides white noise on ESPN football telecasts, usually commenting on Big 10 teams he could not beat. Well, Boob Davie was the first in a long line of unworthy ND coaches to this day: Ty Losingham, Charlie unWeis, and apparently now Brian Smelly. I’m already adding Brian Smelly because a well-coached team never would’ve allowed an opponent to travel 80 yards for the winning score in 21 seconds at the end of the game Saturday. He had already cost the Irish at least 2 wins last year (Mich St and Tulsa). He is now poised to ruin the great momentum built leading into this season.

    Back to Wadsworth … Why would you force out the legendary Lou Holtz? The coach who returned ND to prominence by winning about 80 percent of his games and essentially 2 national titles (although only awarded one) over 10 seasons. Well, Lou went 9-3 and 8-4 in consecutive seasons!!! OMG !!! How awful!!! Now, that’s considered a good season unfortunately. So there you have it … The Curse of Wadsworth haunts ND since he ousted Holtz in ’96 or so.

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