Performance of the Week (POTW) 4/14-4/20

May seem like one of the more obvious decisions in the history of sports, but Donny Walsh’s choice to take the New York Knicks in a new coaching direction merits my POTW. Maybe now those eighty some Knick games that I can watch won’t be mistaken for Comedy Central. Who’s your POTW?

Danny Federici

A pause from our usual sports banter to remember the life of E Street keyboardist, Danny Federici who earlier this week lost his battle to melanoma. While Federici never grabbed the spotlight like Bruce or the other endearing personalities of the E Street Band (Miami Steve or Clarence Clemons), his contributions never went unnoticed. ‘The […]

Casey at the wonder wall

Starbucks owner, Howard Schultz, made headlines today by bringing forth a lawsuit to stop the move of the Sonics from Seattle to Oklahoma City. Schultz’s lawyer, Richard Yarmuth, contends that the former Sonic owner had an agreement with the current ownership that they would make a good-faith effort to keep the franchise in Seattle. Casey […]

Athleticism vs. Skill: Surveying the Basketball Landscape

Imagine, if you would, a race. Let’s say the 100m dash. Our contestants include the following: Darren Collison, Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson, TJ Ford, Maurice Cheeks, and Dennis Johnson. Johnson has been brought back from the after-life, and he and Cheeks have completed some sort of time travel in order to compete at the peak […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 4/7 – 4/13

So many to choose from this week. I’m going with Michael Thompson. Friday afternoon on the 15th at Augusta the senior from Alabama lined up what would have been a birdie. Chances looked good for Thompson to make the cut. His ball moved so slightly that the announcers needed two replays before they could detect […]

Clean up on aisle common sense

The world of sports can provide a bountiful feast of unintentional humor. To not discuss some of these examples would just be an opportunity lost. For instance those folks who oversee the everyday comings and goings of Fenway Park – don’t you think it would be prudent that if a bird of prey, such as […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 3/31-4/6

Okay so I am gonna have to eat some crow here. There have been several occasions where I, Casey, have written less than flattering remarks about Bill Self. I have used the ‘Self-destruct’ comment more than a couple of times. Last night Self’s Jayhawks were ready to go. Dare I say Kansas looked better prepared […]

Calhoun, Krzyzewski and the brave new world

By Paul Gotham Quick – what do Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlain have in common? Yeah, yeah, yeah basketball, I know. Guess I had that one coming. If you also said those three all played on teams that won an NBA championship, you would again be right. They are also all enshrined in […]