Degrees of Disorder

As one college sport nears its post-season, and another makes its way through the pre-conference schedule, it is only natural to expect a little disorder. Add in a little professional stuff and the result bears the resemblance of chaos. Early season hoops tourneys and non-conference games certainly whet the appetite of many an eager fan. […]

Ineptitude Bowl et al

Fe! Fi! Fo! Fum! I smelled the blood of…a steak sandwich at the Knights of Columbus. Ah yes, the family made yet another trip west to South Bend for a college football matchup. Dare I say this event is taking on an annual nature. Don’t know what I have done right to receive these blessings, […]

The Parting of the Red Sea and more

Prior to their divisional showdown with the Cowpokes, Giants’ defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, requested that his team wear its alternate red jerseys. Spagnuolo professed the Jints would gain a psychological advantage as the ‘Pokes QB, Tony Romo, would feel the pressure of the Jints’ pass rush. The only advantage gained: Romo found the parting of […]

The Ultimate Teammate

On this day where I celebrate the eighteenth anniversary with my ultimate life teammate, it is time for some audience participation. Readers, show us what you have. How do you define a teammate? Is the ultimate teammate one who always comes through in the clutch when the game is on the line? Or is the […]

So Many Questions

Another week of sports action and drama has past, and we here on the Clipboard have so much to discuss. Please take the time to weigh in on as many of the following as you wish. MLB has officially shifted into its Hot Stove League. Do any of the seasoned veterans find Joe Torre’s move […]

Lessons Learned From the ’07 MLB Post-Season

23. When doing post-game interviews, sounding like Nuke LaLoosh from Bull Durham never gets old. 22. The Sox CAN actually take the pennant more than once in a decade. For that matter they CAN win the Series more than once in a decade. 21. The Sox can win a series without Papi or Manny hitting […]


Josh Beckett, yet again, proved he is a BGP – Big Game Pitcher. With his team facing elimination, in a hostile environment, against a lineup he owned less than a week ago, Beckett managed to overcome any distractions ‘Pecking’ away at him and pitched a gem. Beckett proved himself in ’03 when he pitched the […]

Columbus Day Musings – The Sequel

Greetings from the crotch of football mediocrity. Yes, yes, yes here along the shores of Lake Ontario we have Syracuse University jes’ a li’l stretch east on the thruway. The Orangemen continue their descent into the college football abyss (don’t look now they might be neck and neck with the Fightin’ Irish). The Orange have […]

Man In Black

Decades ago when Johnny Cash changed his attire to all black, he was questioned about whose funeral he planned to attend. Over the last two weeks Roger Federer, wearing his all-black ‘tuxedo outfit’, has once again put the competition to rest. 700,000 thousand fans crowded into the USTC this year, and those lucky enough witnessed […]

Pickin’ Splinters

From yesterday’s dugout discussion: Professional baseball in Rochester dates back to 1877 “when a team sponsored by the Rochester Baseball Association joined the International Association.” (pg. 6 Silver Seasons – Mandelaro & Pitoniak). Other teams in the league included Syracuse, Toronto, Buffalo…the usual suspects. The International League dates back to 1885. Rochester had a team […]