Hoosier Shenanigans

In the year 2000 Bobby Knight was fired as head coach at Indiana University. Over twenty-nine seasons Knight amassed an unparalleled resume including three national titles and the last unbeaten season in D1 history. During his tenure Knight also ran a squeaky clean program which incurred zero recruiting violations. He was fired for his inability […]

Rating the Point Guards

With March just a couple of weeks away time to start sorting out who are the best teams on the college hoops landscape. One indicator of team play is point guard play. Here’s my top five point guards in the country. DJ Augustin Texas – Sophomore – 19.3ppg 5.8apg 2.7tpg 1.3spg Does what his team […]

NCAA Hoops is Living Up To Its Maddening Reputation

February is living up to its reputation here in the northeast. Single digit temperatures combined with forty mile per hour gusts have denizens shivering. Mix today’s weather conditions with Saturday’s air in the forty degree range, and my yard has become a sheet of glass – anyone for a little back yard hockey? Also living […]

New England Patriots: American Pie

Was it just a week ago I can still remember How those Patriots went for perfection With publishers set to tell the tale Big Blue seemed sure to fail Belichik would get satisfaction After January made us shiver The Frozen Tundra we remember Bad news on the doorstep Could the Pats take one more step […]

Respect For The Opponent

By Paul Casey Gotham Watch enough sports and eventually one will develop a distaste for some of the guys who wear the sweater of an opponent. Whether it’s the guy you hate see coming to the plate with the winning run on base or the player who fills up the net all too frequently when […]

The Giants, St. Jude, and Casey

I’m not gonna lie. I gave the New York Giants very little chance of defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. With that in mind I turned to St. Jude (my Catholicism only occasionally appears on the Clipboard). You see St. Jude is the Patron Saint of desperate cases. I said a prayer […]

Happy non-official Holiday!

As I wrestled through the aisles of my local Fortune 500 grocers, I was reminded how today is the most holiday-like of non-holidays. Usually Sunday-morning grocery shopping is a rather tranquil affair. Not today – people with overflowing grocery carts and a few women looking a little too stressed about the day’s preparations. I could […]

Is the soap opera finally behind us?

Every media outlet known to mankind is reporting the trade of Johan Santana to the Mets for Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra, andKevin Mulvey. How does this deal affect the Mets? How does the deal affect the Twins? How much does this affect the Sox and Yanks? Other note: Michael Wilbon is recovering from […]

Now That’s A Statement Game!

I don’t care that it is the end of January. I don’t care that Maryland was .500 in the ACC. I don’t care that Maryland is unranked. Duke’s victory last night over the Terrapins, 93-84, was a statement game. Down nine at half, on the road, and the Terrapins clicking on all cylinders the Blue […]