Geez…that shook the bushes

NCAA Men’s hoops served up a feast on Saturday including two match-ups pitting top ten teams.

On the surface these contests could appear as nothing more than games in December, but don’t be mistaken these battles will serve as a gauge of things to come.

Game of the Week (GOTW) 12/15 – 12/21

Was there a game this past week that had you riveted to your seat? Maybe it was a game you saw in person. Maybe the action was so intense you dare not touch the remote. OR is there a game that you are looking forward to this week? Let’s us know about it here.

Performance of the Week (POTW) 12/15 – 12/21

Have you seen a great sports performance this week – maybe on the national level or the local level? Was it a feat of athletic prowess, an incredible accomplishment, or an ultimate act of sportsmanship? Here’s the place to note that performance.

Tale of the tape: Duke and Xavier

Setting: Saturday, 2:00 pm at the Izod Center – or the Arena formerly known as Byrne Arena or formerly known as the Meadowlands. Conflict : Duke vs. Xavier Plot: Duke (9-1) comes into the game ranked 6th in the AP and Coaches Polls. Xavier (9-0) enters the contest ranked 7th in both polls. Sub-Plots: The […]

Challenge 2 – Medal Stand

Many thanks to our participants.  Yes, this time around the Challenge was not for the faint of heart. Drum roll please: Gold Medal – Chas Silver Medal – Crossword Pete Bronze Medal – Doug Potter

Challenge 2 – Who am I?

Comments are shut off until tomorrow. Please number your answers. And awaaaaaaay we go!!!!!! <!1. I never minded living in the shadow of my older brother. I enjoyed making all those left hand turns on the ovals. What many don’t know is that I also won a NCAA championship for cross-country skiing. In fact my […]

Prelude to Challenge 2

Time is drawing near for WAI Challenge 2.  Who will be crowned champion? Last time the gold medal time was 14:00 – wow that is some incredible focus.  The silver medal was earned in 20:00 – still very impressive.  And the bronze took 27:00 – not shabby at all. What will it take this time? […]