Nazareth, Henninger, and Chugiak gettin’ the job done!

Taking time out from the national sports’ scene to acknowledge the accomplishments of kin and close friends. From sea to shining sea (well almost – New York to Alaska) we are getting it done. Cece Gotham (Casey’s kid) and the Naz Lasers: Jones helps Nazareth capture class B title Oh yeah check out #2 (formerly […]

Performance of the week (POTW) 2/24-3/1

Take a moment Clipboard readers to nominate your performance of the week. This can be an individual or team performance in professional or amateur sports. This doesn’t need to be a contest of who had the best performance of the week – rather a collection of highlights from the week past. Casey’s nomination: Jonathan Wallace […]

Mid-Season trades/acquisitions that made a difference

JD brings up a good point: many mid-season trades do nothing more than create hype. But some deadline trades have reaped great benefits. Please help me put together a list. (Not necessarily in order of importance) 1980: New York Islanders get Butch Goring from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for Billy Harris and Dave […]

Is Gasol another McAdoo? another Thompson?

Good…no GREAT teams always have a knack for finding the missing piece to the chan’ship puzzle. The Los Angeles Lakers are no strangers to finding the missing piece. Is Pau Gasol the 2008 version of the Laker chan’ship piece? The ’80-’81 version of the Los Angeles Lakers was a talented group: Kareem, Jamal Wilkes, Norm […]

The Aud

JD happened upon this gem – thought all would enjoy. [youtube=]

NCAA Hoops: Rating the power forwards

Big guys with a mid-range game – these hoopsters can get it done with their backs to the basket, or they can step out and knock down the foul-line jumper. When Bill Raftery says: “with the kiss,” the shot usually comes from these guys: the POWER forwards. Tyler Hansbrough – Junior/ UNC 23.4PPG, 10.5RPG – […]

All I Ever Needed To Know, I Learned From Sports

Life is full of its little lessons. A look at recent events in the sports’ world only reinforces many of these rules of thumb. Take for instance the old adage: “cheaters never prosper.” That works with sports. Errr….maybe that’s not such a good example when considering Kelvin Sampson didn’t exactly follow the rules, and he […]

I was…when…(Group Participation)

This weekend marks another anniversary of the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. It is hard to fathom that almost three decades have passed since the ‘Miracle on Ice’ occurred. Twenty-eight years ago a bunch of college kids pulled off arguably the greatest upset in sports history. To understand the magnitude of that event one […]

NCAA Hoops: Crunching the Numbers

Time is ticking on the NCAA Men’s Hoops season – conference tournaments are set to begin in the next two weeks, leading to Selection Sunday, March 16th, and the Sweet Sixteen determined a week later. Enough time has passed where teams have shown their strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and what they avoid. Statistics can reveal trends […]

NCAA Hoops: Top Shooting Guards

There are guys who make shots, and then there are shooters. Players who the opposition have to account for. In the half-court set these guys distort defenses – top defenders grab the assignment in the man-to-man, and zones shade to their side. Enter the shooting guards. Steve Curry -Sophomore/Davidson – 25.8 ppg / FG 49% […]