Wally’s Holiday Wishlist

santa-clausDear Santa,

I’ve been pretty good this year … okay, maybe just a bit better than average … so I have a pretty modest wish list for you.   The great thing about this list is that you don’t have to rush the elves to GET ‘ER DONE by 12/25.    Nope, this list can be accomplished over several weeks … even months, if not years.   Okay … coming clean here … some of the items are nearly miracles, so you might want to get some help from YOU KNOW WHO.     So this is what I want, in no particular order, but the most important stuff is definitely at the end:

I want Brian Kelly and Notre Dame football to be consistently in the Top 10 conversation during his tenure, recognizing of course that 2010 will be a challenging transition year.   Top 10  … I think that’s “reasonable” … it’s not like I’m asking for two or three national titles or anything.   Your other customers, like Crossword Pete, will be demanding titles … so beware.   Don’t get me wrong … I am in favor of titles … but of course ya gotta crawl before walking.

“#1 Moses” on the campus of Notre Dame

While I’m on the subject of ND sports, I’d like a new basketball coach.  Mike Pray, er uh  Brey, just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to have the Irish even consistently in the Top 25.    He’s had about 10 years to prove his worth, not to mention the last 3-4 years with one of the all-time great ND players and and All-American, Luke Harangody.  Time for a change … Pray’s teams are way too soft on the defensive end … just like Charlie UnWeis’s teams.   If Gonzaga and Butler can get there, so can the Irish.

Okay … speaking of soft and cushy … Lovie Smith and his entire coaching staff must be replaced on the Chicago Bears.   Nope … changed my mind … I’d like for the Bears to be sold to another owner.   The McCaskeys have totally wiffed on personnel and management decisions since letting Jerry Vainisi (the GM with Ditka) go back in the 80’s.   They are cheaper than cheap and oh for the last two decades.   Time for new blood … and a winning tradition.

Speaking of cheap SKATES (hah!), I’d like a Stanley Cup Championship for the Chicago Blackhawks, thereby ending one of the longest championship droughts in pro sports (1963).   Actually, the Hawks have turned the corner and are reallyy investing in the team for a change … and the Hawks are playing great … they’re on top of their division and showing lots of promise.   A title could actually happen this season or next.

See full size image

Effective with the 2010 season, I want an 8 team college football playoff!!!   There is no (good) reason why this cannot be implemented quicky right into the existing bowl system.   It’s about time that New Year’s Day meant something again.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see 4 games on that day that actually counted???   And then 3 more after that.    Wow … a no brainer!

IN the meantime, I want to see the so-called national title game be tied at 3-3 and go into 6 or more over times without anyone scoring.   Okay … someone will eventually win, but Texas and Bama will be found sooooo incompetent that the AP will rightly award their championship votes to the winner of the TCU vs Boise State game.

I’d like the Indy Colts to go undefeated for the entire season and win the Super Bowl.   I want to see them do what the NE Patriots and even those ’72 Dolphins failed to do.   A perfect 19-0 title run.   What a fitting prize that would be for one of the greatest QB’s we’ve ever seen.    If not this for the Colts, a Saints title will do … that town deserves a break.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning seen during action against the Miami Dolphins at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana on December 31, 2006.

I want the Chicago Bulls to blow it up and start over.  It’s just embarrassing since MJ left.   Nuff said.

I want NASCAR to disband.    Let’s save all that effort, money and fuel and give it to the needy, the hungry, the homeless.    How anyone can waste hours watching cars on steroids make repeated left turns and get into little fender benders is just beyond me.   Get rid of it, move on.

I want Phil Mickelson to steal Tiger’s caddy while he’s on “sabbatical”.   Phil and his new infidel caddy will be on top of the PGA tour when Tiger returns in … who knows … 3-4 months.    Let’s see how Woods likes it.   (We all know that it’s Tiger’s caddy that’s the real key to his golfing success anyway … who do you think reads all those putts???).

I want to see Kentucky win the Final Four and Nat’l Championship this season … and not be put on probation or found to have committed violations of some type.   So you’ll have to turn Calipari into an angel.   I know … a near miracle.

See full size image

I want at least one of them — the Cubs or the White Sox — to battle EVERY YEAR in their division and at least contend for the playoffs into September.  Is that asking too much???   It’s two teams in a huge market … it should not be that difficult.


Last but certainly  not least …

I’d like all of our troops overseas and in the middle east to return safely.

I’d like the hungry to be fed and the sick to be cured.

I sincerely hope all of our brothers and sisters on the pickin’ splinters bench … and their friends and families … have a wonderful holiday season plus a healthy and happy New Year!

Thanks, Santa!


p.s. — a rush on that “ND football transformation” would be cool  😉

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