NBA Thumbnail Tales | Conference Semis 2010

A little trivia for you. Who is arguably the best power forward in the history of the league? And on which team does he play? This same team has one of the top five point guards in the league, and this guy is coming off the bench. This team also has maybe the best triple threat guy in the league. Confused?

NBA Thumbnail Tales | Opening Round ’10

Oh, the intrigue. Dallas looked ready for a title run after acquiring Caron Butler. Dallas has lost just seven games since getting Butler on February 16th. Does anyone want to play the Spurs in the playoffs? How much playoff experience do the Spurs have? Tony Parker is back in the lineup.

NBA Splinters | July 12, 2009

by Patrick ‘Rey’ Reynell >Boston signs Rasheed Wallace; Celtics showing their desperation? The 2008 NBA Champions signed Rasheed Wallace to a two-year deal. The thirty-four year old forward leaves the Detroit Pistons behind after winning an NBA Championship and apparently cleaning up his act since his Portland “Jail” Blazer days. This signing makes sense on […]

Tuesdays with Smitty: Odds and Ends

Well we are more then a week away from the British Open and it has been an interesting weekend of discussion surrounding one position on the baseball field. So I thought I would keep it light and just comment on a few interesting topics that have happened throughout sports in the past week. Here we go: