Dear Randy…

But here you were, heading to the New England Patriots. A frenzied fan base, a team that was in the midst of a dynasty and Tom Brady!! C’mon admit it.. you thought you had found the Holy Grail, didn’t you? C’mon… admit it.

Week 4 Sunday Scores & Monday Prediction

A lot happened in Sunday’s grid iron battles. The Colts fell to 2-2 after a 59-yard field goal, Baltimore ended Pittsburgh’s undefeated run, and the Giants’ defense sacked Chicago’s offense. The action continues tonight as AFC East rivals face off in South Beach.

NFL Splinters | Week 10, 2009

NFL Splinters | Week 10, 2009

On the other hand, the Colts woke up the echoes of cliches past and ‘grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat.’ This week’s most debatable coaching call made for great drama as Peyton Manning led the Colts to two touchdowns in the game’s final 3:00 for a 35-34 triumph. Belichick and the Pats went for it on 4th and 2 inside their own 30. The Colts D held, and the rest is highlight material.

It’s Always Best To Let A Sleeping Giant Lie

Was it a case of you never wake a sleeping giant, or you never give your opponent bulletin board material? Whatever the lesson, the Pittsburgh Steelers got a crash course in it. Making said ‘guarantee’ made as much sense as kicking to Devin Hester. If there is a next time, maybe the Steeler D should […]