Fighting Irish Summer Dreams

Make your BCS bowl plans now, Fighting Irish fans!!! According to Blue & Gold Illustrated (BGI), Notre Dame will finish the regular season at 11-1 and head to one of the big BCS bowl games in January. 11-1?!?!? Maybe they’ll play in the National Title game!!! Yahooo!!!!!

Pickin’ Splinters National Championship ’08

It is that time of year again to bring down the decorations and get ready to ‘trimma the tree’. It’s also the time of year when college football rankings cause quite a stir. Are you perplexed by the state of Division 1A College Football? Frustrated by the choices for the national title game? Here’s your […]

Do Coaches Ever Find Greener Grass?

by Paul Casey Gotham Here I am in Upstate New York finding myself thinking of greener grass. Maybe it’s the recent ‘heat wave’ of sorts – back-to-back 60 degree days in January (hard to argue with Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’) – that’s got me considering the yard work. Of course it’s not the literal grass […]

Can College Football Be Fixed?

By Paul Gotham Monday night college football will crown its champion. In the climate-controlled comfort of the Louisiana Superdome the Ohio State Buckeyes and Louisiana State Tigers will vie for ultimate bragging rights. Of course this ending will continue the discussion of the BCS (Bowl Collusion Syndicate) and its validity. Opponents of the BCS will […]

Round One: Clipboard National Chan’ship

The time is now Clipboard readers. Below you will find the matchups for the first round of the National Chan’ship. Consider your picks carefully. Feel free to explain your choices ad nauseum. Hey! We love reading your take. Remember anyone can participate, but please if you pick one, pick ‘em all. High Noon: #8 Hawaii […]

Clipboard Rankings

The results are in. Our esteemed staff has voted, and the seedings are ready for the start of tomorrow’s tournament. Check back in the morning for the games. 1. Ohio State 2. Oklahoma 3. LSU 4. Georgia 5. USC 6. Missouri 7. Virginia Tech 8. Hawaii 9. Kansas 10. Florida 11. West Virginia 12. Arizona […]

Chan’ship Plans in the Works!

The clock is clicking. The Clipboard National Chan’ship Tournament is less than a week away. Contacts have been made with the various game sites and media outlets. Wanted to let everyone know what’s going on. These details could affect choices made in the coming weeks. ESPN will cover two of the first-round games. Chris Fowler […]

Clipboard National Chan’ship

Perplexed by the state of Division 1A College Football? Frustrated by the choices for the national title game? Here’s your chance to voice your opinions. Starting on Saturday, December 15th and running through Saturday, January 5th the Clipboard will hold its first ever National Chan’ship. And you the readers decide the outcome. Between now and […]