College Football just around the corner

by Wally

Are you ready for some football??   Not just yet??   That’s okay … we’re still about 4 weeks away.   As you can see, the guys are just getting warmed up.    Anyway, the first poll that counts … the coaches USA Today poll … has been released.  (see below).  

Given the pre-ordained system that unfortunately governs Div 1 college football, it looks like a spot in the national title game is waiting for both Oklahoma and Alabama, assuming they don’t lose and screw it all up.    Interestingly enough, since the “Big 12” almost imploded after last season with the defection of Nebraska to the “Big 10” and near defection of Texas A&M, there is not a Big 12 title game this season and thus one less risk faced by Oklahoma.   But unlike most seasons, the Sooners actually have a tough non-conference tilt as they travel to play #5 Florida State in mid Sept.    I think both of these “red teams” at the top of the rankings will lose at least a game … but if it’s only one, we could still see one of them in the final game. 

Meanwhile, #7 Boise State travels to Atlanta to battle #22 Georgia in Week 1.    No question what I’d like to see happen in that one!     Nothing would make me happier than seeing pretty boy Mark Richt squirming on the sidelines as his always underachieving Bulldogs lose to a “mid major”.    Go Broncos !!!!

Notre Dame is in at #18 off their strong finish last season combined with lots of returning veterans (including Michael Floyd …whew!) and a real good recruiting class.   The only ranked Irish opponents are #6 Stanford and #17 Michigan State.   However, if USuC wasn’t on probation, they’d probably be in the Top 25 as well.   

Auburn at #19???    Really??   Can you lose your “whole team” … Heisman winner Scam Newton and Lombardi winner Nick Fairley to the pros … and still come in that high while playing an SEC schedule?  

Stanford as high as #6 with a new coaching staff after Jim Harbaugh left for the 49ers?   I don’t think so … Andrew Luck is good, but he’s not THAT good.  

1 Oklahoma (42) 0-0 1454
2 Alabama (13) 0-0 1414
3 Oregon (2) 0-0 1309
4 LSU (2) 0-0 1296
5 Florida State 0-0 1116
6 Stanford 0-0 1101
7 Boise State 0-0 1065
8 Oklahoma State 0-0 933
9 Texas A&M 0-0 885
10 Wisconsin 0-0 829
11 Nebraska 0-0 814
12 South Carolina 0-0 779
13 Virginia Tech 0-0 767
14 Arkansas 0-0 750
15 TCU 0-0 687
16 Ohio State 0-0 631
17 Michigan State 0-0 536
18 Notre Dame 0-0 440
19 Auburn 0-0 329
20 Mississippi State 0-0 301
21 Missouri 0-0 266
22 Georgia 0-0 260
23 Florida 0-0 240
24 Texas 0-0 162
25 Penn State 0-0 161


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