Week 2 Notes & Predictions

The first week of the 2010 NFL season is in the books. There were many exciting performances, as well as upsets, disappointments, and controversy. As we continue the rollercoaster ride to the Super Bowl, lets prepare ourselves for Week 2.

NFL Splinters | Week 3 2009

Mark Sanchez is showing he’s not a boy; he might just be a man, and he has Jets fans dreaming of the Promised Land. With the Pats in week 2 and the Titans in week 3, many had the Jets opening the season at 1-2. And rightly so. Rex Ryan would have been happy with 2-1. 3-0 and Rexy has to be giddy. Giving up 33 points in three games and one of those games against the Pats – the Jets might be for real. Since they play home games in Jersey, Bruce can offer a little more advice: “Blow away the dreams that tear you apart – Blow away the dreams that break your heart -Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted.”

Happy non-official Holiday!

As I wrestled through the aisles of my local Fortune 500 grocers, I was reminded how today is the most holiday-like of non-holidays. Usually Sunday-morning grocery shopping is a rather tranquil affair. Not today – people with overflowing grocery carts and a few women looking a little too stressed about the day’s preparations. I could […]