Happy non-official Holiday!

As I wrestled through the aisles of my local Fortune 500 grocers, I was reminded how today is the most holiday-like of non-holidays. Usually Sunday-morning grocery shopping is a rather tranquil affair. Not today – people with overflowing grocery carts and a few women looking a little too stressed about the day’s preparations. I could almost envision a movie with a twenty-first-century version of George C. Scott poking his head out of his bedroom window and asking a lad below: “What day is it?”

“What day is it?” Well, it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!”

Yes, on this celebrated day I know everyone is waiting with baited breath on Casey’s predictions for the game. I’ll leave that ‘til
later. We have some other topics to consider.

Something to keep in mind: the New York Giants two previous Super Bowl victories have created a ripple effect that exists years later. Super Bowl XXI saw the first occurrence of the post-victory Gatorade bath while Super Bowl XXV included Whitney Houston’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner that we have now heard ad nauseam, and too many people have tried to create their own version of Whitney’s passionate piece. Could today mark another Super Bowl victory for the Giants that will be remembered for years to come? Will it be the day perfection died? (Oooh a new Don Mclean song?)

Today’s contest comes down to the impact of Ahmad Bradshaw. The Giants have established the little jumping bean as a second half compliment to Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs has been wearing down defenses in the first half, and Bradshaw reaps the benefit late in the game of rushing against a tired defense. If the Giants are to win today, Bradshaw’s presence will need to be felt.

Anyone for a little spy gate? Nah, we’ll leave that alone – far too early to make conclusions.

Who do you think Bill Parcells is cheering for today? Actually, who do you think Parcells received more phone calls from over the last week or so? Coughlin? Or Belichik?

Great article in today’s D&C about Coach C.

Looks cold in Arizona. Keyshawn has some funky scarf action working.

Congratulations to Art Monk. At long last the former Redskin great will get a bust in Canton. As a Giant fan Monk was one of those opponents I always had to respect. Nowadays we have receivers who spend more time preparing their end zone dances. Monk just did his job – to the tune of 820 career receptions – including at least one reception in 164 games.

NBA Chatter: What should we make of the recent victories by the East over the West? Sure it is February (actually games happened in January), but the Celtics passed one of their first tough tests by beating the Dallas Mavericks – and without Kevin Garnett. Also the Detroit Pistons knocked off the Los Angeles. Of course then the Lakers went out and acquired Pau Gasol. Does this make the Lakers into contenders?

Speaking of contenders the Memphis Tigers are the last unbeaten standing in NCAA Men’s hoops. Can the Tigers bring some validity to Conference-USA? Or will their regular season schedule hurt them come tournament time? A February 23rd date with the Tennessee Volunteers should serve as an ample gauge.

EPL Yakety-Yak: Brother Reynell was on the mark with his caveats about the Everton Toffees. Minus Yakubu and Andy Johnson still less than 100% the Mersysiders have back-to-back scoreless ties.

Are the Mets any more of a contender now that they have acquired Santana?

Casey’s Super Bowl Predictions: Double dipping will occur in 77% of the houses watching today’s game. Before the game is over 100 people will ask: Is that Peyton Manning’s brother? Tom Petty will play the following songs: ‘I Won’t Back Down,’ ‘Free Fallin,’ ‘American Girl,’ ‘I Need To Know,’ ‘A Mind With A Heart of Its Own.’

You didn’t think Casey would actually make a prediction on the game did ya?

Make sure you take your B-12…orally. 🙂

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  1. Smitty   February 3, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    It certainly is THE non-official holiday!! I needed to get 5 items at the East Ave Wegmans. Took me 10 minutes to find a parking spot and another 20 minutes to get the items. Lines were long and Wegmans was handing out way too many samples. Hard not to stop and have a taste..

    The NFL certainly needs to take a look and realize that this day has become a party. I think the game should start around 4:30 not 6:30.. Certainly makes Monday morning for East coast workers a very tough day.

    Don’t know if anyone was watching the NFL Network. Funny moment – Terrell Davis went up in what I believe was a F-14. A figher pilot regardless. They had a camera on him. The first time the pilot went into a roll, all you can see if T.D. mouthing the words “Oh #$#$” and then passing out.. I think Deion Sanders and Rich Eisen may have fallen out of their seats laughing..

    A great and sweet moment. Hours before the game, Teddy Bruschi is out on the field running around with his kids. They are tackling him and he is picking them up, swinging them around. The smiles and laughter, also make you realize that he was pretty close to never being able to do that again. It really is a miracle to see what happened and how far he has come back.

    Moment this week. Chuck Knoblauch testifies behind closed doors to Congress. While walking out of the courthouse, holding his 3 year old son, he was asked why he brought his son. His answer? ” I want to show him that when you make choices in life, you have to live up to the consequences”. Certainly leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

    My only comment on spygate: Arlen Specter, your timing is very interesting. Almost appears as grandstanding. That being said, our Senate has a lot more pressing issues going on that they should be dealing with – namely our economy.

    Enjoy the game, eat some good food and enjoy the non-official holiday. Peace out.

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