Results Are In For The Sweet Sixteen Challenge!

And the winner is…a whole lotta people with ten correct answers: Aaron, JNuke, JFeola,and yours truly for the Premier Division. Wally picked ten in the Elite division. Tidbits – Nobody picked Tennessee nor Vanderbilt. JNuke was the only person to pick USC. The Nukester was also the only person to pick the Ducks of Oregon. […]


Reason #1 – The Vanderbilt / George Washington game is in the second half. I am getting a live feed of our local news!?!?!?! Imagine me making a horse sigh. Reason #2 – A timeout on the floor means an automatic commercial break. Instead of a timeout on the floor equals a switch to another […]

Father forgive me…

For I have sinned. I know not what is going on with me. I have been carrying this grief on my chest for a couple of weeks now. The weight is becoming too great. I have come to a realization, and I don’t want to admit this…, but…but…Mariano Riviera deserves all the props he gets. […]

A Defending Trend

A brief overview of recent college hoops: Washington 61 UCLA 51 UW took away UCLA’s running game. As a team the Huskies made a commitment to get back on the defensive end and eliminate any possibility that Bruins might have for getting easy lay ups. Wisconsin 52 Michigan State 50 One stat I would love […]

Searching For It

Charlie Weis sat behind the microphone. His hair still wet from a September-Michigan rain. He proffered specific answers when referring to the significance of plays by Terrail Lambert, Jeff Samardzija, and Rhema McKnight. When speaking of his quarterback Weis lacked the same specificity: “He has it. I don’t know what it is, but he has […]

Here’s My Guys…You Pick The Court…Game On!!!!!!

As February melts (hopefully for us in the Northeast) into March, college hoopsters prepare for the madness. After spending ample time viewing the nation’s hoopsters, I have assembled my own team – Casey’s Crew. Using the premise of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” I challenge anyone who thinks they can […]

Sweet Sixteen Challenge (Premier)

Fancy yourself a bracketologist? Think you are a prognosticator of a higher order? Then we have a challenge for you. With Selection Sunday less than three weeks away now is the time to show off your skills. You could be the first winner of the Sweet Sixteen Challenge brought to you by Casey’s Clipboard and […]

What A Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I needed any reinforcement for my love of college basketball, yesterday’s hoops schedule provided ample opportunity (of course m’amour for the college game needs little support). Yesterday’s schedule included a couple of Big East rivalries, an upset in the SEC, inter-conference play between the Pac-10 and the Big East, C-USA and the West Coast […]

Role Player’s Hall Of Fame

With the idea that there are no small roles I need your help devising our hall of fame for the role player: the player who will not make his/her sport’s hall of fame, but who contributed to the overall success of his team. I wanted to start this list with Preston Pearson. The former Dallas […]

How Do You Define a Rivalry?

Wednesday, February 7th will mark the 222nd meeting between the Tar Heels of North Carolina and the Duke University Blue Devils. These two schools nine miles apart rank number two (UNC-2,003) and four (Duke-1,816) on the all-time victories list for NCAA Division I Men’s basketball. For the 122nd consecutive meeting at least one of these […]