Rayshawn Boyd, Anaya Coleman and the Starting Five

(L-R): Rayshawn Boyd (Photo: SUE KANE), Anaya Coleman, Chase Dickens, Trynzeir Parker (Photo: RON KALASINKAS) and Jevonte Williams.


Taking a look at some of the top hardwood performers from January 28-February 8.

RAYSHAWN BOYD 6-foot-3-inch Jr. G/F Leadership Academy Lions (Rochester City Athletic Conference Upper Division) — Sturdily-built player who is at his best in the paint; Boyd plays with an impressive motor, catches the ball well in traffic, uses disciplined footwork to finish on either side of the rim, at best he is the fifth scoring option in the Leadership lineup and he works hard without the ball in his hands; tireless rebounder, he shrugs off initial box-outs, strong hands allow him secure 50-50 chances, alert in transition with the ability to lead teammates with well-paced outlets; fundamental defender, Boyd’s quickness allows him to step out on perimeter players, he matches up well inside, uses quick elevation to protect the rim.

ANAYA COLEMAN 5-foot-6-inch So. G Pittsford Mendon Vikings (Monroe County Division III) — Crafty playmaker who displays an advanced balance of hands; Coleman makes mature decisions in pick-and-roll situations, she understands how to use pace and a variety of delivery points to get teammates the ball in spots where they can score, she is at her best in transition where she sees the floor well and knows how to create space by distributing the ball, at the same time when the opportunity presents itself she can attack the basket, finishes with either hand at the rim; fundamental defender who easily keeps her feet in motion, a difficult on-the-ball defender she understands how to beat the ball handler to the spot and take away penetration; she is active in rebound situations and runs down long caroms.

CHASE DICKENS 6-foot-1-inch Jr. G Victor Blue Devils (Monroe County Division I) — Lanky guard with a dynamic offensive offensive game; Dickens has to be defended beyond the arc, but he enjoys drawing defenders with a series of uptakes and makes sound decisions when putting the ball to the floor, he can go either direction, possessing an underrated mid-range game he can also get to the rim and finish in traffic, he sees the floor well especially in tight spaces and knows how to get teammates the ball, quick first step in transition makes him difficult for opposing defenses to contain; tireless rebounder, he moves well when the ball is in the air, understands the geometry of caroms and reads the flight of the ball well; a willing defender, he can guard a variety of positions, he is impressive on the ball and reacts well off the ball.

TRYNZEIR PARKER 6-foot Jr. G NE Douglass Panthers (Rochester City Athletic Conference Lower Division) — Aggressive ball handler with a knack for finding open teammates; Parker is at his best making decisions in transition, he sees seams in the defense and can deliver the ball to teammates in stride, attacks with both hands, he is comfortable working in tight spaces, can finish at the rim with either hand, able to knock down a rhythm jumper when given the least amount of space; tireless defender, moves his feet well to take away driving lanes, anticipates well off the ball and reacts well to the flight of the ball.

JEVONTE WILLIAMS 6-foot-2-inch Sr. G Rush-Henrietta Royal Comets (Monroe County Division I) — Versatile guard who possesses a unique balance of speed and strength; ┬ásees the floor well and can deliver the ball to teammates in transition and in half-court sets, has to be defended beyond the arc, at the same time he is strong off the dribble getting into the lane and making sound decisions; aggressive defender, he creates turnovers with his speed and quick hands, routinely dictates dribble path of opposing ballhandlers, he understands the value of forcing opposing defenses to start their sets further from the basket, anticipates well off the ball; active rebounder who can grab a carom in traffic and still run down longer boards.

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