Who Am I? | August 10, 2011

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By Chas

I was once a member of a bullpen trio that has gone on to combine for over 750 career saves. I’m sure this isn’t a record, but it’s still pretty impressive.

I was second in the pecking order when all three of us were together, but I now have the fewest career saves of all.

The three of us combined with three other hurlers to set a major league record for most pitchers involved in a no-hitter. In that game, I also became the first pitcher to ever notch four strikeouts in one inning in a no-hitter, and it was the first time our opponent had been no-hit in 45 years.

My other odd claim to fame is that, early in my career, I was the first National League pitcher to start more than 15 games and save more than 15 in the same season. Tim Wakefield accomplished the feat in the American League before me, but I believe we’re still the only two pitchers to ever do this.

I’m not saying I didn’t have what it takes to be a closer, but I turned out to be one of those guys who was better in a setup role than I was at pitching at the end of games. In my prime, I pitched 289 innings over a three-year period, notching 360 strikeouts and recording a 2.33 ERA, all while saving just 12 games.

Speaking of strikeouts, among pitchers with over 800 career innings, I’m second all-time in strikeouts per 9 IP. One of my aforementioned former bullpen mates is first, but since he’s retired, I’m tops among active pitchers.

That’s right, I’m still active. In fact, I recorded the second-most saves of any single season in my career just last year. Also, a recent transaction I was involved in allowed me to tie a major league record. I’m one of three pitchers who’ve pitched for 12 different major league teams in my career.

In eight games so far with my new team, I have a save, a hold and, unfortunately, a loss, so I’m definitely being used in high leverage situations. I don’t expect too many more save opportunities, though, as there are at least two (maybe three) guys ahead of me in that pecking order. Obviously, I wasn’t the centerpiece of the trade from my team’s standpoint. A starting pitcher was the main chip we received.

Who Am I?

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