NFL Splinters | Week 2 2009

AP Photo/Sharon Ellman
AP Photo/Sharon Ellman

By Paul Gotham

Wade Is No Bum

‘Love Ya Blue’ took the NFL by storm in the late 70s when Bum Phillips steered the derricks to back-to-back AFC Conference finals appearances. Aside from hall-of-fame running back, Earl Campbell, those Oiler teams lacked stars. Bum got his boys to make plays.

The ability to inspire must have skipped a generation. While one could portray Bum’s teams as over achievers, his son Wade’s teams…well… under achieve.  Dave Thomas of the Star-Telegram provided an interesting spin on Wade’s motivational tactics.

Love Ya Blue
Love Ya Blue

If Wade takes a fall, Tony Romo will come next in line. The one-time gunslinger is now contrite in his post-game comments. This is quite a change from the days when Romo dismissed the criticisms of Bill Parcells as: “That’s Bill being Bill.” Wonder if Romo would like to have back those days under the tutelage of Parcells. Sure, Parcells probably shouldn’t have aired his dirty laundry to the media, but maybe Romo left him with no other choice. Coming soon to an NFL Bloopers film near you: Tony Romo’s failed attempt to throw a five yard out that deflected off Jason Witten’s foot and into the hands of Kenny Phillips.

Steelers and Pats 1-1?

vince_lombardiYeah, yeah, yeah I know it’s only week 2. Which means it’s not time to push the panic button…but the Steelers and Pats – two AFC powerhouses – are a couple plays from being 0-2 -or 0-4 combined. (Insert Vince Lombardi quote here: “What the hell is going on out there?”) Yes, that whole stat about being 0-2 is overblown. So only 8 of 74 teams since 2000 starting at 0-2 have made the playoffs.  Not a big deal. Right?

"I think Mark Sanchez is kind cute."
"I think Mark Sanchez is kinda cute."

It’s just that New England needed a late-game gift from the Bills in week one, and the Pats didn’t learn their lesson for week two. Consider this – New England is 1-1. They have played eight quarters of football. Outside of the fourth quarter in week one, the Pats have scored one touchdown. So for seven quarters, Tom Brady and company have crossed the goal line once. No, that’s not right. Or is it? Wait for seven quarters – three at home against the Buffalo Bills and four versus the New York Jets, New England has managed one touchdown. Geez, Tom Brady better consider himself lucky he doesn’t live in Buffalo. One can only imagine what the delinquents would scrawl on his lawn about Giselle.

The Steelers came within a missed field goal (or actually two missed field goals) of being 2-0. On the other hand, Pittsburgh needed a late field goal to send their week-one game into overtime.  Maybe the movie day joke wasn’t such a good idea.

Speaking of Tennessee

Jeff Fischer and crew carry the ominous burden of 0-2. A week one loss at Pittsburgh in overtime is no big deal. Giving up 34 points at home to Houston in week 2 is cause for concern. How valuable was Albert Haynesworth? To make matters worse, Tennessee’s next four games include: the Jets, the Jags, the Colts, and the Pats.

So much for the importance of rest. Because they opened the NFL season on a Thursday night, both the Ttans and Steelers gained three extra days of rest and preparation. Both lost in week two.

When in Hamburg…

Reports out of Buffalo have it that Bills’ safety, Donte Whitner, had his house robbed during yesterday’s game. Thieves made off with an estimated $400,000 worth of jewelry. That’s two weeks in a row that a Bills player, living in the suburb of Hamburg, has been the victim of a crime. Last week, Leodis McKelvin returned home to find that night’s final score and some obscenities spray painted on his lawn. Hamburg’s chief of police might need to beef up the patrols during games.

When the Saints Come Marching In

After two games Drew Brees has led the Saints to 93 points. Baltimore is the next highest with 69. Brees has completed 51 of 68 passes including nine touchdowns. Right now, the Purdue alum is on pace to throw 72 tocuhdowns this season. Okay, okay so the Saints’ first win came at the expense (or lack of expense) of the Detroit Lions. But this week Brees threw 25-34 against the Eagles.


1. Drew Brees, NO 132.9
2. Brett Favre, MIN 110.2
3. Matt Ryan, ATL 108.5
4. Trent Edwards, BUF 104.9
5. Eli Manning, NYG 103.2

Wait…is that Eli in the top five of the quarterback rankings?


Anyone knowing anything of the whereabouts of one Marvin Harrison, please contact Pickin’ Splinters.

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