NFL Predictions

September 8th marks the beginning of the 2011-2012 NFL season, a season that we weren’t sure we would get. So let us embrace with some predictions sure to go wrong …

Super Bowl XLV

In September, there were 32 teams with one thing in common, they all wanted to win the Super Bowl. Now, there are only two teams left. One will leave Dallas with the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

Week 3 Notes & Predictions

Can you believe we’re already three weeks into the 2010 NFL season? And some teams are already pressing the panic button, while other teams find themselves off to great starts. Who will be the winners and losers in this week’s edition of NFL action?

NFL Season Preview: AFC North

I wanted to pick the Ravens to win the division, but their weak secondary will be a real problem with non-divisional opponents like the Patriots, the Texans, and the Saints. The Bengals have given Palmer some solid weapons to revamp the offense, and the defense will remain strong. Give Cincinnati their second straight AFC North Championship

NFL Splinters | Week 2 2009

It’s just that New England needed a late-game gift from the Bills in week one, and the Pats didn’t learn their lesson for week two. Consider this – New England is 1-1. They have played eight quarters of football. Outside of the fourth quarter in week one, the Pats have scored one touchdown. So for seven quarters, Tom Brady and company have crossed the goal line once. No, that’s not right. Or is it? Wait for seven quarters – three at home against the Buffalo Bills and four versus the New York Jets, New England has managed one touchdown. Geez, Tom Brady better consider himself lucky he doesn’t live in Buffalo. One can only imagine what the delinquents would scrawl on his lawn about Giselle.