Home Sweet Home

Round 2 of the NBA playoffs is a great example of how important home court is to a team’s overall success.

Other than a failed last-second attempt by Hedo Turkoglu home teams have taken 14 of 15 in the conference semis. And Turkoglu’s attempt seemed the result of a poorly designed set. Another example of why iso plays don’t cut it. Subsequently, the Magic are the only team that finds themselves in a hole right now.

The Celtics continue to prove their home domination is surpassed only by their road vulnerability. Usually going on the road affects a team’s offense. We hear about the change in venue distorting a shooter’s depth perception, the effect of opposing fans, etc. For Boston the road somehow affects their defense. The swarming Boston D that we see in the Bank North Garden seems rather tame on the road. Can’t imagine Doc Rivers wants his boys to have to endure another seven game series before tangling with the Pistons.

Funny how the little momentum the Celtics mustered Saturday occurred with LeBron ON the floor, but Delonte West and Zydrunas Ilgauksas on the bench. Coincidence?

Cavs coach, Mike Brown, keeps trying to play off that his team has a half-court offense. Every time he is interviewed during the game and asked what the Cavs need to do to score, Brown talks about moving the ball from side to side before attacking the basket. Call me crazy, but I haven’t seen Cleveland doing any switching sides of the floor.

Spurs and Hornets all tied after four games is no surprise, but the drama now is great. Tony Parker continues to show everyone how good of a point guard he is. The Spurs continue to show how five guys on the same page is a thing of beauty to watch. I don’t know of any team remaining that is more willing to make 4 or 5 passes in a possession.

Even the Lakers have shown a couple of cracks in the armor. Either that or Deron Williams is starting to wear on Laker defenders. That guy has got to be brutal to defend off the dribble night after night.

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