Southworth to the Hall

The Veterans’ Committee announced their 2008 Hall-Of-Fame Induction Class: Bowie Kuhn, Walter O’Malley, Dick Williams, Barney Dreyfuss, and Billy Southworth.

Before managing the St. Louis Cardinals Southworth spent seven summers at 500 Norton St. leading the Rochester Red Wings. His teams won five pennants and one Governor’s Cup.

Southworth joins Red Schoendienst, George Sisler, Johnny Mize, Earl Weaver, Cal Ripken, and Jim Palmer and a host of former Wings enshrined at Cooperstown. In all twenty-one Wings have nested in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

On another note: is it destiny or is it conspiracy? An ill-timed timeout, a penalty helping the penalized, penalty flag launching, a kickoff from the opponents’ 35, and a last second heave that left Baltimore heaving.

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  1. Z Dubbs   December 5, 2007 at 8:01 pm

    I am not one to buy into conspiracies but that holding call was so ticky tack and basically handed the Patriots the game. I believe when it gets down to the final minutes, the refs have to let the players decide the game unless there is a grossly obvious foul in any sport. I find it hard to believe there wasn’t any contact by either the offense or the defense on the Hail Mary play, but they don’t call that for the very same reason.

    And the NFL defintely wants the Pats-Giants game, to which they hold the exclusive right to on NFL network, to be a meaningful game and not a game where 2 playoff teams rest their starters. Maybe not a conspiracy, but definitely a notable coincidence.

  2. ccww   December 5, 2007 at 9:04 pm


    ‘noticeable coincidence’ – I like it.


  3. Aaron Smith   December 7, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    I won’t deny that the Pats sometimes get the benefits of the calls, but the holding call at the end of the game was legit.. The defender had a hold of Watson’s left arm and was making contact past the 5 yards. I know there is the thought that you don’t take the end of the game out of the players’ hands – but at some point you have to draw a line. The Ravens defensive back was past it..

    If anything the Ravens completely blew that game and it should have never come down to the Pats having the ball on that last drive. The Ravens’ offense stopped playing early in the 4th quarter and then the Ravens completely shot themselves in the foot. Throwing the flag in the stands? Give me a break. You just prevented your team from having a reasonable opportunity of a return. Who knows, a good return, you get a little closer and that Hail Mary is in the endzone.

    As for the Hail Mary.. I think you see a receiver run straight into a couple of NE defenders.. There was pushing on both sides, which is why I think they let it go.

    But when it comes down to it.. You have the ball and your team is down. Is there another QB you want leading your team down the field other then Tom Brady?

    Pittsburgh is going to be one tough game for them..

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