Who Is The Athlete That You Go Out-Of-Your Way To Watch?

Brett Fah-ve-rah comes to mind for me.

I don’t remember ever being a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Of the 70’s Packers only Chester Marcoal sticks in my craw. I had heard and read stories of the great Vince Lombardi. I loved seeing video clips of the famed ‘Frozen Tundra’ game. They play in Lambeau (Curly of ND lore) Field, and the team is community-owned – like my hometown Rochester Red Wings (sometime I’ll have to tell the legend of 8,222). Cheese-Heads dot the crowd, and very few teams can proudly boast of the green and yellow color scheme of the Packers.

All of this took on more meaning when Favre donned the #4 jersey (something about #4 – Orr – Favre…and oh yeah I should probably mention Gehrig). I can’t recall a specific incident, rather the ‘rough and tumble’ persona of Favre.

I remember getting fired up watching him scramble and leaning into contact head-first. Then after getting knocked around by a linebacker who he was giving up seventy pounds to, Favre bounced up and slapped the opponent on his helmet as if to say: “Now that’s how you play football.” I loved watching the Packers run a reverse and seeing Favre give a great lead block. When he first did this announcers would go ga-ga, now it’s expected.

Eventually, I began checking the TV listings to find out when the Packers played. If…no actually WHEN the Giants weren’t playing well, I started watching Favre. Favre playing the Monday Night game meant a tough day at work on Tuesday. Favre playing at Lambeau in December or January was an automatic.

To top it off his appearance in ‘Something About Mary’ with Jonathan Richman crooning in the background cemented Favre’s place in Casey’s list of favorite athletes.

So loyal readers who is the athlete that you have adjusted your schedule for?

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