Try Your Luck With Manning

Let’s assume that Manning, whose past would indicate nothing but an honest person, is telling the truth when he says he could have played in the Colts final two games this season…

Crouching Players, Hidden Stats

No kicker has averaged 10 points per game since Jeff Wilkins in 2003, but if the season ended today, we would have two. The Cowboys Dan Bailey (10.8) and…

Vick Signs $100 Million Contract

By Breanna Jacobs Michael Vick has, once again, proved that prison was a small bump on his road to success. Well, maybe it was more than a small bump, but ever since Andy Reid gave Vick a chance to quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, he has been flying high. Vick won the starting job over […]

Week 2 Notes & Predictions

The first week of the 2010 NFL season is in the books. There were many exciting performances, as well as upsets, disappointments, and controversy. As we continue the rollercoaster ride to the Super Bowl, lets prepare ourselves for Week 2.

NFL Season Preview: AFC South

I’m really looking forward to see if the Texans can finally jump that hurdle to earn their first playoff appearance. The Colts, I believe, will once again have what it takes to make another deep playoff run. Maybe another game in February?

NFL Splinters | Super Bowl 2010 Edition

The fact that Indy’s longest play from scrimmage was a run. Now that was a surprise. The Colts finished the regular season ranked dead last in rushing yards per game with at 80.9. In comparison, the Jets led the NFL with 172.2 yards per game.