Going … going …

You’re a nice man, Charlie Brown … er, uh … Weis. And you’ll still be a nice man years from now as you reflect upon your 5 years under the Golden Dome. And of course you’ll be enjoying that large bank account that the rest of us alums have padded for you over this very forgettable Faustian-type era. But you tried and you cared, so thanks for that. In general, thanks for playing. But as they say during the gameshows when contestants are shown the door … “we have some nice parting gifts for the losers”.

So Long, Charlie!

ND football has just hit a new low. And although he may not have been fired just yet, Charlie Weis just took one step out the door with Saturday’s unbelievable head-scratching loss to Navy. The only thing that can save him now is to win the next 3 games (at Pitt, UConn, at Stanford) AND the bowl game. But right now, the chances of that miracle happening look quite slim given the team’s morale will likely hit rock bottom right before going into a lion’s den at #13 Pittsburgh next week.

This Date in College Football Belt History – October 15

October 15, 2005 – The top-ranked, 5-0 Southern Cal Trojans of coach Pete Carroll traveled to South Bend for their annual battle with Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish of coach Charlie Weis stood 4-1 & ranked 9th nationally. Weis was in his first year as Head Coach having been the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots & had been dubbed this season’s “offensive genius” by many around the nation. Both teams played at a level indicative of champions but Southern Cal’s All-Pac 10 QB Matt Leinart was the difference in the game as his quarterback sneak for a touchdown gave the Trojans a hard fought 34-31 win for The Belt & the Jeweled Shillelagh.

NCAA Polls: Objectivity Please!

I could go on and on. Anyway, I think I can objectively make the case that ND’s 4-1 record against their schedule is AT LEAST the equal or BETTER than the performance to date of the teams mentioned above. Sure, ND could stink up the joint vs USC in two weeks and this observation and argument is moot. But I sure get the feeling that a win over #7 USC will somehow be discounted as tainted, lucky, an aberration, etc. and ND might climb all the way up to ….. #23! Wow.

ND Victory Over MSU: Thank you, Lord!

This was really a “character win” by the offense as Jimmy Clausen played most of the game with an injured toe or ankle, Armando Allen was banged up and of course Michael Floyd left the game in the 2nd quarter with the broken collarbone after his apparent TD catch that was overruled. Clausen had another excellent and gritty game as he again hit 300 yards in passing with two TDs (really three) and no INTs. Allen had 115 yards and a TD on 23 carries. And when Tate wasn’t dropping a sure TD pass, he managed a TD and 127 yards on 7 grabs, including two or three extremely clutch plays to get 1st downs in the 4th quarter. Kyle Rudolph also contributed with 95 yards on 6 grabs.

Anarchy in Ann Arbor

Notre Dame did everything they could to hand Michigan a win today, and the Wolverines gladly accepted the gift. I don’t know what hurts more … the gut-wrenching defeat for the Irish or the fact that Charlie Weis & Co breathed life back into Michigan’s program … one that was in complete disarray 2 weeks ago.

Fighting Irish Summer Dreams

Make your BCS bowl plans now, Fighting Irish fans!!! According to Blue & Gold Illustrated (BGI), Notre Dame will finish the regular season at 11-1 and head to one of the big BCS bowl games in January. 11-1?!?!? Maybe they’ll play in the National Title game!!! Yahooo!!!!!

Come In Off the Ledge, ND Fans

After watching just bits and pieces of last night’s predictable beatdown at the hands of USC’s Trojans (I was surfing between that game, Oregon vs Oregon State and Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State), I was suddenly jolted with a dose of perspective … or maybe it was more like being hit squarely in the jaw with […]

NCAA Hoops is Living Up To Its Maddening Reputation

February is living up to its reputation here in the northeast. Single digit temperatures combined with forty mile per hour gusts have denizens shivering. Mix today’s weather conditions with Saturday’s air in the forty degree range, and my yard has become a sheet of glass – anyone for a little back yard hockey? Also living […]