Base Paths ponders Power’s demise

Base Paths ponders Power’s demise

Far more important to the team was the reasonable assurance that games would be played as scheduled. At least three times this year, playable games were postponed, a double body blow to the team, both in revenue stream (a trickle in the best of times) and scheduling…

East Coast League may play at the “Barber Shop”

By Doug Smith Have we all gone crazy with the weather, or does somebody actually propose to put a professional baseball team in Niagara Falls, perhaps as soon as this May?   Maybe, but yes.   Collin Cummins, a 44-year-old go-getter from Mississauga, ON, has his eye on Sal Maglie Stadium as a playpen for […]

Base Paths and “Inflategate”

Base Paths and “Inflategate”

Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer, it is said, was once handed five baseballs of different weights in quarter-ounce gradations. Holding each for an instant, he correctly put them in order…

Base Paths and the incident at Canandaigua Motor Speedway

In “Breaking Away,” front-runner in many lineups of inspirational and sports movies, an Indiana teen, just months younger than the late Kevin Ward, idolizes a team of Italian bicyclists. Training hard, he gets to compete with them and proves himself their equal.   That is, until one of them hurls a tire pump through his […]

Base Paths and Niagara’s near upset

As a fingernail moon retreated over Maple City Park Wednesday night, the Power lost its grip. Building one of New York Collegiate Baseball League’s all-time playoff upsets, the Bolts unwound in a 27-minute catastrophe of wild throws, bad calls and weary pitching. Hornell scored seven to win, 8-4. Base Paths sees 40-50 high school and college games […]

Base Paths among the Blue Bolts

Niagara Power Manager Josh Rebandt need not have worried about his warriors losing humility during the course of a seven-game win streak. The game takes care of that all by itself. Three-game series with two of the New York State Collegiate League’s stronger teams produced but a single victory as weather and the fates came down hard on the Blue Bolts…

Base Paths takes a road trip to the Kerr-Pegula Athletic Complex

Base Paths roadtripped Tuesday to the playground of the newest kid on the New York State Collegiate League block, Houghton College’s Kerr-Pegula Field in Allegany County, home of the Genesee Rapids and site of the league’s all-star game in July. The stars better pack their hiking boots along with their spikes…

Base Paths pauses on Tim Wendel’s latest

Wendel also revisits the cautionary tale of fire-ballers Steve Dalkowski and makes mention of an odd trade involving Jessie Orosco which was, without his mentioning it, actually the warm-up pitch for another author’s book…

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