Notre Dame Football Preview

Q: So how many Notre Dame fans does it take to screw in a light bulb??? A: Ten. One to actually do it and nine to discuss how great the old one was. And so it goes under the Golden Dome. The Fighting Irish … a team with a glorious past … becoming more and […]

Amen (Corner)!

Hey … you don’t even have to go to church Sunday morning … it’s the 4th round of the Masters … they’ve got “Amen Corner” on the course there at Augusta … so you’re good if you watch!!! Okay … here’s the Leaderboard after 3 rounds: -11 Immelmann -9 Snedeker -8 Flesch -7 Casey -5 […]

Break up the O’s!

Random baseball thoughts: I know we’re just a week into it and the Orioles haven’t exactly played a Murderer’s Row schedule just yet, but they’re 6-1!!! Insert blind squirrel comment here _____________________________________________. Meanwhile, the Tigers are now 0-7 with a couple more to play at Fenway. Chain smoker Jimmy Leyland is now up to 6 […]

Super Upset

All hail the New York Giants!!! Wow … what a terrific Super Bowl performance by the G-men. They did it by putting great pressure on Tom Brady, by moving the ball on offense in disciplined fashion with a good mix of run/pass to keep Brady off the field, and of course they cemented it with […]

Super predictions

Well … it’s time to put our money where our keyboard is. Let’s see everyone’s Super Bowl predictions … Winner, final score, MVP, and anything else you care to prognosticate. Wally says: Pats win 27-24 on (what else?) a game-winning FG with hardly any time left after a Brady-led drive starting on the NE 25 […]

ND wins again … off the field

This just in: Continuing their fine work Sunday through Friday, the ND football team achieved a fifth straight semester with a team average G.P.A of over 3.0. Prior to Charlie’s tenure at ND, the highest team GPA (since such numbers were recorded ’92) was 2.91. Sticking with the academic theme, Notre Dame was awarded the […]

The Mitchell Report

Certainly haven’t read the Mitchell Report itself, but have now read enough articles and excerpts to be dangerous. Two things make me happy from what I’ve seen. First, the cocky-as-hell Roger Clemens will now stand with Barry Bonds as a high profile cheater of the first degree. (I thought it was pretty fishy that someone […]

Hall of Fame Ballots (cont’d)

Ol’ Wally says ya can’t have these Hall of Fame arguments without diving into the numbers a bit. (One of the many reasons I love baseball). The players that seem to be highly debated by our readers are Dawson, Rice, Raines and Blyleven. Their career stats are shown below and put into context with actual […]

World Series, Pats-Colts & other stuff

World Series: Boston in 6. By the time the Rockies wake up from their 8 day slumber, they’ll be down 2-0. Saux clinch it in Fenway in Game 6 after winning one in Denver. Beckett will win two for Boston. Wally’s rooting interest: the Rockies. Any time the low-payroll, “come from nowhere team”, underdog can […]

Super Bowl Saturday

Okay … here’s the deal. If I’m in any way interested in the Notre Dame football program “being all it can be”, then this Saturday’s tilt vs long-time rival USC is my Super Bowl this season. We’re 1-6 right now, and of our 6 losses, none have been nail-biters. We shot ourselves in the foot […]