All Gold Glove Team

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Gold Glove award. Now is your chance to nominate your all Gold Glove team. Two leagues – one team. If you need a guide refer to the baseball reference link in the blogroll.

Kobe or MJ ??

Interesting topic that’s been on a lot of sports talk shows lately … given that Kobe Bryant has been on a scoring binge … averaging over 40 points per game for the month of March!!! The question is: Who’s better … Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?? There are also several derivatives: Who’s the better offensive […]

Please pass the salt….

I need to finish the crow. Yeah, I need to publicly acknowledge that Wally picked three of the final four, and I managed only one. I know you’ve been gloatin’ Wally, so here’s your chance to make it public. After the Drew’s Revenge prognostication you were due. This year’s final four has two #1’s and […]

20 Years Later

It all started with those NCAA commercials. You know the ones I’m talking about. A few non-descript athletes on the television screen all participating in their particular sport. The commercial closes with those athletes saying: I’m going pro next year, but not in sports. The better half commented: “Yeah, what do these guys do?” She […]

In Tribute: Trent Jackson

Trent Jackson, possibly the greatest all-around athlete from Rochester, New York, died suddenly this past weekend. The ‘Franklin Flash’ ran a 9.4 100 yard sprint in 1961. Thus tying the national high school mark established by none other than Jesse Owens. Jackson later made the U.S. Olympic squad for the 1964 Tokyo games. An unfortunate […]

Great Broadcasting Calls

“The scramble for Atlanta is on!” “He must have gotten lonely. That’s the first open opportunity he had all night, and he drilled it.” “He must have been trying to throw it off the back of a Washington State defender because he couldn’t have thrown that bad of a pass.” “You’ve got to box out […]

Sweet Sixteen in Summary

Now that sixteen teams remain, let’s re-shuffle the deck and take a closer look at the field. Four #1 Seeds: Florida, Kansas, Ohio State, and UNC Three #2 Seeds: Memphis, UCLA, and Georgetown (Yeah, throw a little salt ‘n’ peppa on the crow I need to eat. Boo hoo for the Badgers of Wisconsin). Three […]

When is a foul intentional?

Well … that’s a bit difficult to answer because you’d have to be a mind-reader to some extent. But it was absolutely criminal for the referees in Saturday’s Xavier vs Ohio St. contest not to call an obvious intentional foul on Ohio St. with about 9 seconds left in regulation. Greg Oden quite clearly committed […]

Results Are In For The Sweet Sixteen Challenge!

And the winner is…a whole lotta people with ten correct answers: Aaron, JNuke, JFeola,and yours truly for the Premier Division. Wally picked ten in the Elite division. Tidbits – Nobody picked Tennessee nor Vanderbilt. JNuke was the only person to pick USC. The Nukester was also the only person to pick the Ducks of Oregon. […]


Reason #1 – The Vanderbilt / George Washington game is in the second half. I am getting a live feed of our local news!?!?!?! Imagine me making a horse sigh. Reason #2 – A timeout on the floor means an automatic commercial break. Instead of a timeout on the floor equals a switch to another […]