Who am I?

While runnin’ the offense for Tark’s Rebs I averaged 11 points and almost seven assists per game. My future looked bright, but potential proved to be a scorned mistress. I spent time on both coasts, but I never regained the flair I had in college. After 11 seasons in the NBA with six teams, I […]

Breaking down the AP Pre-Season Poll – #s 6-10

Michigan State returns last year’s leading scorer – junior, Raymar Morgan, and leading rebounder – senior, Goran Suton. Tom Izzo preaches rebounding as a means to the promised land (I’m trying to imagine a game between UConn and MSU – that wouldn’t be for the faint of heart). His war drill – characterized as football […]

Who am I?

A review of my career stats can cause quite a heated debate. On one hand I struck out over 100 times in 9 of my 19 seasons. I fanned more often than I scored during 11 seasons. In fact upon retirement I struck out more than anyone in the history of the Major Leagues. Hard […]

Cooking with Chas: A Weekly Look at What’s on the MLB Hot Stove

Welcome to the first installment of a new weekly series taking a look at the happenings of Major League Baseball’s “second season”, otherwise known as the Hot Stove League. In this first week, I’m going to ease into things by simply giving a rundown of the major stories that are sure to make this off-season […]

Breaking down the AP Pre-Season Poll (#s1-5)

Did someone mention college hoops? Was it Wally who expressed his longing for the campus hard wood? All the major media outlets have published their Top 25 lists. Figured I take a look at the old standby – the AP – and breakdown their predictions. Sporting News has provided a list of dates that should […]

Who am I?

Mine was a career on the fringe. I never had the chance to drink champagne from Lord Stanley’s Cup. I always found myself playing second fiddle to some hotshot. First there was that guy they referred to as “The Flower”. Then when he was gone ‘The Great One’ took center stage. Soon after came Mario. […]

Who am I?

Looking at my numbers probably doesn’t tell the story. Sure I hit .300 a few times, ripped 30 hrs once, and drove in 100 on three occasions. But in 23 years I never led the league in any of those categories. In fact the only offensive category I ever led was doubles, and I did […]

Tuesday with Smitty: Here’s to….

It is often said that when a team wins the coach gets too much of the credit and when a team loses – the coach gets way too much of the blame. But on the sidelines there is always a common denominator come win or loss, rain or shine. It is the fans…. and more […]

Who am I?

What’s in a number? I was #23. No, not that #23. Actually, I wore that number before him. While I may not have run up as gaudy of numbers, I did perform under pressure. Some superstitious folks may shudder at the mention of 7 & 11 together, but my goal at 7:11 in overtime gave […]