My interview with George Herman

Who says late night walks are a waste of precious sleep time. When I was recently coerced by the eldest daughter into visiting a local all night eatery, I was awoken a couple of hours later with a gut ache to beat the band. I had no other choice but to walk it off. It […]

Who am I?

Born in Josesjo, Sweden and growing up in nearby Tarnaby I made the most of my surroundings and took to the slopes. By the age of five, I was already skiing. Eight years later I started training with the Swiss national. I qualified for the European race circuit at the age of 18. I became […]

Who am I?

I was born in West Virginia. After being taken in the second round of the MLB draft, I went on to that rare accomplishment of playing my entire career – 21 seasons – with one team. I won three batting titles while collecting over 3,100 base hits. I hit over 300 home runs and swiped […]

Who am I?

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, but attended college at Cornell. I was drafted by the Buffalo Bills and played two years in Western New York. For one season I led the AFL in field goals attempted and made, and in another I set the standard for extra points attempted. I played in one Pro […]

Cubs Obituary

Having cleared my head finally and accepted my terrible fate as a Chicago ball fan, here’s the way I see what happened to the Cubs: First of all, don’t blame it on Pinella. Blame the players. This was a total team meltdown. Let’s count the ways: Game 1: Dempster, a control pitcher all season (3.3 […]

Who am I?

After honing my skills on the gridiron at SoCal I played 16 seasons in the NFL. My resume is a gaudy one. Twice I led the league in touchdowns – once I led the league in rushing yards. I rushed for over 12,000 yards in my career, and I gained over 17,000 yards from scrimmage. […]

FIFA shows Croatia only a Yellow for Racism

In soccer, a yellow card is a cautionary measure for what FIFA deems “unsporting behavior of a less serious nature.” If such a behavior is deemed “serious,” then a red card is shown and the player is sent off and suspended. A second yellow card in a match is considered an indirect red card and […]

Who am I?

In college I played on the gridiron at UCLA. I was drafted by both San Francisco (NFL) and San Diego(AFL). Even though I led the league in passer rating and passing tds once, I started my 16-year career as a tailback. Four times I finished in the top ten for passes completed, pass attempts, and […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 9/29-10/5

As much as it pains me to admit it, Manny has to get my POTW for the week. If batting .500 with 2 bombs, 3 RBI, and 4 RS wasn’t enough, that home run he hit in game 2 was silly. The pitch was a foot off the plate and he poked it 450 feet. […]