Notre Dame over Michigan

It’s just an awesome fall Saturday when two things happen … Notre Dame wins AND Michigan loses. Notre Dame 35, Skunkbears 17. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! The fact that ND is the team handing Michigan a defeat makes it very, very special. The Irish were ready to play this game right from the […]

Notre Dame Post Game

Well … that’s not the game most of us expected from the Irish in the opener vs San Diego State. Sure, ND won 21-13, but the fact that SD St came within a whisker of going up by 13 points early in the 4th quarter was unnerving to say the least. Thoughts of last season’s […]

Notre Dame Football Preview

Q: So how many Notre Dame fans does it take to screw in a light bulb??? A: Ten. One to actually do it and nine to discuss how great the old one was. And so it goes under the Golden Dome. The Fighting Irish … a team with a glorious past … becoming more and […]

ND wins again … off the field

This just in: Continuing their fine work Sunday through Friday, the ND football team achieved a fifth straight semester with a team average G.P.A of over 3.0. Prior to Charlie’s tenure at ND, the highest team GPA (since such numbers were recorded ’92) was 2.91. Sticking with the academic theme, Notre Dame was awarded the […]

Irish Stew

Wow. How dissappointing was the ND game Saturday? Another EMBARRASSING loss, and the realization that the media experts and pundits might know something that we, or certainly I, didn’t know. Like a 6-6 record this year might actually be a decent job. Like ND was lucky to get a few top 25 votes in the […]

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