World Series, Pats-Colts & other stuff

World Series: Boston in 6. By the time the Rockies wake up from their 8 day slumber, they’ll be down 2-0. Saux clinch it in Fenway in Game 6 after winning one in Denver. Beckett will win two for Boston. Wally’s rooting interest: the Rockies. Any time the low-payroll, “come from nowhere team”, underdog can […]

Super Bowl Saturday

Okay … here’s the deal. If I’m in any way interested in the Notre Dame football program “being all it can be”, then this Saturday’s tilt vs long-time rival USC is my Super Bowl this season. We’re 1-6 right now, and of our 6 losses, none have been nail-biters. We shot ourselves in the foot […]

Do or Die for the BoSox

Well … the Saux have certainly been here before … facing a seemingly insurmountable deficit in the ALCS against a very capable opponent. Can they come back again … like they did to the Yankmees back in ’04? Or will they wilt and die as against the ChiSox in ’05? (Had to get that in […]


I hate that feature “Who’s Now” that ESPN has been running. Just don’t like the constant focus on individuals and it’s definitely filler material. But I do know that baseball is definitely “what’s now”. It’s been a very exciting and interesting MLB season thus far. Anyone chuckling at the fact that Bonds cannot seem to […]

Frank Thomas = Hall of Famer

I wrote this as a comment to earlier posting, but didn’t want it hiding in there due to the likely discussion it merits: Note to Aaron and all Frank Thomas HoF doubters: Although he’s a full-time DH now and has been for several years, he was a full-time 1B pretty much for the 1st half […]

Ichee-ro !

Constantly bombarded with coverage of Seattle sports up here in Alaska, one can’t help but follow the Mariners every summer. We get all their games on TV and radio. The Mariners have a nice organization, stadium and fan base. They have a “good brand” here in the northwest, although the results on the field the […]


The Oakland Raiders with the first pick take …… Bobby Boucher. Roger Goodell : “ Ahhhh Al, this is a fictional character from the Waterboy…” Al Davis: “Ahhh, now that is some quality H2O… What? Fictional? I was just watching that game tape the other day? This guy is a stud.” Bobby Boucher suddenly walking […]

Remembering Jackie Robinson (AGAIN)

We remember #42 again and again and again and … Okay … okay … I GET IT ALREADY!!! Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier and was a damned good ballplayer. So was Larry Doby. And what about the other great black players who came before Jackie? I don’t know about you, but I’m all “Jackied […]

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