Lane Kiffin’s version of LA Woman

Well, I just got into town about a season ago Took a look around said this offense needs to go How am I supposed to run with Shanahan’s Broncos Why did we give up on Randy Moss then choose a bag of goods that cannot toss cannot toss, cannot toss, cannot toss Tiger QB, Tiger […]

Tuesdays with Smitty: What is a contract?

Sorry folks, but I am back for another topic that I would like to bring up. Here it goes.. and it starts with the Webster’s Dictionary of a contract. The definition is as such: Contract: “Con-tract” – An agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of a specified something. An […]

Super Upset

All hail the New York Giants!!! Wow … what a terrific Super Bowl performance by the G-men. They did it by putting great pressure on Tom Brady, by moving the ball on offense in disciplined fashion with a good mix of run/pass to keep Brady off the field, and of course they cemented it with […]

Super predictions

Well … it’s time to put our money where our keyboard is. Let’s see everyone’s Super Bowl predictions … Winner, final score, MVP, and anything else you care to prognosticate. Wally says: Pats win 27-24 on (what else?) a game-winning FG with hardly any time left after a Brady-led drive starting on the NE 25 […]

World Series, Pats-Colts & other stuff

World Series: Boston in 6. By the time the Rockies wake up from their 8 day slumber, they’ll be down 2-0. Saux clinch it in Fenway in Game 6 after winning one in Denver. Beckett will win two for Boston. Wally’s rooting interest: the Rockies. Any time the low-payroll, “come from nowhere team”, underdog can […]

Super Bowl Saturday

Okay … here’s the deal. If I’m in any way interested in the Notre Dame football program “being all it can be”, then this Saturday’s tilt vs long-time rival USC is my Super Bowl this season. We’re 1-6 right now, and of our 6 losses, none have been nail-biters. We shot ourselves in the foot […]


The Oakland Raiders with the first pick take …… Bobby Boucher. Roger Goodell : “ Ahhhh Al, this is a fictional character from the Waterboy…” Al Davis: “Ahhh, now that is some quality H2O… What? Fictional? I was just watching that game tape the other day? This guy is a stud.” Bobby Boucher suddenly walking […]

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