What Now Coach ‘Refuse To Lose’?

On this day like so many other days, with sports stories swirling through the ticker, the Memphis Tigers’ 2007-2008 season faces extinction. Like a common advertisement delivered by the post man quickly wisked to the circular file, college basketball fans can dispose of the Memphis run to the NCAA finals.

Meet Mr. Flynn, The “Lottery Man”

The purpose of college for High School teens post graduation is intended to prepare them for the grind and rigors of everyday life. Some are still searching for their niche, while others have a good idea what they want to do and college will help them get there. For a lot of NBA-bound basketball players all college does is serve as a nuisance and prolong their arrival to “The League.”

Temple Owls: Supply and Demand for 2009-2010

by Patrick ‘Rey’ Reynell The past two seasons have brought some hardware for the Temple Owls by way of two Atlantic 10 tournament championships. Unfortunately, high hopes of upsets in the NCAA tourney never came to fruition in either season. A first round exit to Michigan State in 2008 and Arizona State in 2009 has […]

Hansbrough A Good Pro ?

Last week, Colin Cowherd of ESPN offered the opinion that Tyler Hansbrough’s NBA career will … shall we say …  lack luster.  I’m being polite, but Colin made it sound as if TH will be lucky to even be drafted by the end of round 2 and that he’d be amazed if TH’s career even […]