11 hours of driving, 40:00 of hoops – Merry Christmas

It’s about 6:15 a.m. Saturday and my co-pilot, my brother-in-law, Roger, and I are about fifteen minutes south of Syracuse on Rte. 81. The Liacouras Center, home of the Temple Owls and our destination, looms four hours away. We have watched the temperature gauge on the dashboard drop from a, what seems now, balmy 21 […]

Why Gonzaga is important

This week’s Associated Press and ESPN/USA Today’s top five are identical: UNC, UConn, Pittsburgh, Gonzaga, and Oklahoma. Kinda rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? The Bulldogs of Gonzaga with a record of six wins and zero losses seem right at home in the top five. That hasn’t always been the case. Once was a time […]

If A>B and B>C then A>C….right?

Don’t worry – I have no plans for drifting into a discussion about mathematical equations and a possible exploration of relativity, quantum theory, or atomic transition. Instead I hope to stay with the season. And ‘tis the season to debate the impact that inter-conference basketball games will have come March when the NCAA’s selection committee […]


As the Michigan State Spartans did their finest Roberto Duran and begged – ‘no mas’, the North Carolina Tar Heels secured a six to five advantage for the Atlantic Coast Conference in the 2008 Big Ten/ACC Challenge . Tyler Hansbrough dropped 25 points and Ty Lawson dished out eight assists as the Heels spanked the […]

When 50% or thereabouts will get the job done

Fifteen years in the classroom can make a guy crazy. All those numbers -1200 on the SATs, 4.0 GPA, yeah, yeah, yeah. 65% is passing. 70% is rather mediocre, but it is a C. 80% earns a B. 90%? Well that is an A. Somewhere we decided that 85% represents mastery. That point when a […]

NCAA Hoops – Early Returns

Once was a time when November college hoops consisted of nothing more than glorified scrimmages with fans in the bleachers. Top 25 teams looking to catch their stride would schedule games against bottom of the barrel squads in contests that would amount to nothing more than a match up resembling the one-sided affairs of the […]

Breaking down the pre-season AP Top 25: #s 21-25

On one hand the Demon Deacons will start three juniors – Ishmael Smith, L.D. Williams, and Chas McFarland – and two sophomores – Jeff Teague and James Johnson. In comparison to many teams on the AP’s pre-season list the Deacs might look a little green. On the other hand Wake Forest returns 100% of last […]

Breaking down the pre-season AP: #s16-20

A quick glance at the Golden Eagles’ starting lineup could raise a few eyebrows. First year coach, Buzz Williams, will start four seniors and one junior. Of those starters senior forward, Dwight Burke, is the tallest at 6’8”. Yes, Marquette will create match-up problems for themselves and opponents. Seniors, Dominic James, Jerel McNeal, and Wesley […]