Games of intrigue 11.4

A glance at some of the interesting tilts on this week’s college basketball slate. Things could get all the more intriguing depending upon the pending snowstorm.

Casey’s Top 25 | 1/31/11

Six of the previous week’s top 25 (Ohio State, Texas, Kansas, Notre Dame, Kentucky and Utah State) went unscathed in the last seven days. Here is the carnage.

CBB Splinters | 1/25/11

CBB Splinters | 1/25/11

It will be interesting to see if this trend continues as teams get deeper and deeper into conference play. When March comes, usually the teams that can rebound and score around the basket survive the longest.

Games of intrigue 11.3

Haven’t the Panthers been at the place in the recent past: middle to late January with a bunch of impressive wins to their credit only to fall short of expectations in March.